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PM Narendra Modi is going to visit Himachal Pradesh on 18th of October 2016. Narendra Modi will address rally's in in Himachal and will inaugurate some power projects in state.
Himachal cm Virbhadra Singh congratulated army and central government for surgical strike on Pakistan occupied Kashmir on terrorists.
Modi visit Himachal on 18th

Two rallies and some inaugurations by PM modi in Himachal

PM Modi will address two rallies in Nahan (sirmaur district) and Mandi district. He will put base stone of IIM in Nahan and AIIMS in  Bilaspur district.
Narendra Modi will inaugurate  kol dam and rampur power projects.

Government and State Bjp preparing for  PM's tour

Government of Himachal Pradesh and State BJP is preparing for tour of PM Narendra Modi. In government  official program , it is expected CM, some ministers of state , former Cm Prem Kumar Dhumal , JP Nadda ,member of parliament will join program.

412 MW and 800 MW projects will be inaugurated

PM Modi will inaugurate AIIMS in bilaspur and IIM in Nahan. 600 crore rupees will be spend on AIIMS and it will be full of 900 beds and super speciality facility.
Accumulated plan of AIIMS is ready and work will start according to plan.
       After AIIMS, pressure on Tanda medical college and IGMC will decrease. Patients will not be referred to PGI Chandigarh.
PM Modi will inaugurate power 412 MW rampur power project and 800 MW kol dam project powered by SJVNL.

Government have lot of hopes with PM's visit

Government have lot of hope with PM's visit. They are expecting a lot from PM to complete incomplete projects.

CM with central government on surgical strike issue

Cm Virbhadra Singh said there should be no politics on surgical strike issue. He also said central government is a respectable and trustworthy institution so everybody should respect it.
Chief minister himachal Pradesh said there will not be any new district in Himachal Pradesh now. There are 12 districts and these are enough . He also added there is no need to make a new district ,things are doing well. We should focus on how to reduce load on government rather than making a new district.

I will request Modi to come Himachal : CM
He also said that he will request prime minister Modi to come  Himachal. He said Modi can come to Himachal to start Rampur vidyut pariyojna project. This project is joint venture of state and central government.

U - turn of CM on issue of Rampur as new district
Yesterday he said that Rampur as new district of himachal is under government's consideration. He added that government want to make rampur as district, and people near region don't get problem with administrative services.
Why CM want rampur as new District ?
It's important to know that CM Virbhadra Singh is king of rampur riyasat and he belongs to Rampur bushehar. This is the main reason he always want to make Rampur as district .He has told many times that he will make Rampur as district. But till now he couldn't implement it.
Problem in formation of Rampur as district and reason of CM 's U -turn
Rampur as new district is always a hot topic in state .There are two faces of this issue One is  government can't afford extra load of new district as he said yesterday.
Other angle with this issue is that whenever there is demand of Rampur as district, people start demanding Rohru as district. It was rohru which was earlier in news to be made as new district when CM was MLA from from Rohru. But it was never implemented, so it's quite difficult situation for Virbhadra Singh this time.
CM 's connection with Rohru
As Rampur is Virbhadra Singh's home place , Rohru was his work place and won election maximum times from Rohru.
It's not Virbhadra Singh, but present MLA Mohan Lal Bragta won with maximum margin from Rohru just because of him.
So he can't sideline Rohru and people of Rohru.
Our view on this issue
Virbhadra Singh is in big confusion he can't make one district out of rohru and rampur, and it's not possible for government to afford load of two districts. So our advise to government of himachal is ,leave this topic here only.
It will be really interesting to see how BJP react on this issue.
Specially BJP Rohru which are very active.