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BJP and Congress party both are preparing for Gujrat election after Himachal Pradesh election where voting completed on 9th of November. Before that Bhartiya Janta Party lost in by-poll Election in Chitrakoot of Satna District of Madhya Pradesh.
BJP candidate Shankar Dayal Tripathi lost election by margin of around 14000 votes. Congress win and BJP defeat is not a big thing but no media channels are showing this news on their channels is a big thing.
Jyotiraditya Sindhiya

No news on TV Channels

Most of News channels like India TV, India News, Aaj Tak and many more are not showing this news before Gujrat elections. NDTV news and some more newspaper highlighted news as they are called as Anti-BJP channels.
Reason : Reason of this can be said as these Pro BJP -News channels does not want to show defeat of BJP before election as it will show Anti behaviour of people in country against BJP. After Good support to congress party in Himachal Pradesh , congress party is expecting good performance in Gujrat also.

Why Chitrakoot was important ???

Chitrakoot seat lose becomes difficult to digest for BJP as ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and BJP leaders in Madhya Pradesh worked hard for this seat.
Chitrakoot seat was vaccant after death of congress leader Prem Sigh, who was member of Legislative assembly from last three times from Chitrakoot.
ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and his party tried best to win this seat but failed.
Here's the total votes to both parties with margin of defeat
  • INC : 66810
  • BJP : 52477
  • Margin : 14333
ShivRaj Singh and more than dozen ministers rallied more than 60 times in this area and even UP vice chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya also campaigned this place but people of Chitrakoot rejected BJP completely for the fourth time.

BJP after defeat
- BJP state president Nand Kumar said that defeat in Chitrakoot doesn't show mood of Madhya Pradesh.

Congress Party
- Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh said, people have voted against fake promises of ShivRaj Singh Chauhan. ShivRaj Singh Chauhan promised a lot in last 13 years but doesn't fulfil even one.
- Congress state president said this is a historical win of congress party and this will help congress party to fight as a unit.
- Congress MP and former minister Jyotiraditya Sindhiya thanked people as said people of MP have decided to remove BJP from rule, and Chitrakoot is just a begining.
People of Madhya Pradesh are supporting for there favourite leaders and this time a supporter commented for Jyotiraditya Sindhiya.
14th Gujrat Vidhan Sabha elections will be held in November of 2017 just after Himachal Pradesh elections. Bhartiya Janta Party is ruling state from last 15 years. But this is first time in fifteen years when situation is becoming difficult for BJP in state as three young leaders with Congress yuvraj Rahul Gandhi.
1. Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel is one of the most popular young Patel community leader fighting for reservation in Gujrat. Hardik Patel became a big Patel leader after 2015. Gujrat government tried their best to stop his reservation movement but was not successful.
There is just 12% vote share of Patel Community in Gujrat but for BJP this 12% is very important. Hardik Patel is key leader in upcoming elections, BJP is continuously working to get support of Patel Community but unable to impress Hardik Patel.
Hardik Patel is not going in congress party but regularly contacting with Congress party and Rahul Gandhi to influence in upcoming elections and to make things difficult for Bhartiya Janta Party.
2. Jignesh Mevani
Jignesh Mevani is another young leader of Gujrat. Jignesh Mevani is social activist and lawyer.
He work for organisation 'Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch'. He has led campaign by Dalits, considered 'lower castes' in the Indian caste hierarchy in Gujrat.
In a movement named as 'Aazadi kooch aandolan' he was able to join Dalits/lower caste people as well as Muslims.
He blamed BJP for bad condition of Dalits in state Gujrat.
Mevani clearly said he will not join congress in upcoming elections but he wants to let BJP down in 2017 Gujrat VidhanSabha elections.
In Gujrat population of Dalit votes is around 7 percent and every vote will be very important in upcoming elections and Jignesh can create problems for BJP.
3. Alpesh Thakor
Alpesh Thakur is considered one of the biggest OBC leader in Gujrat. He had become one of the best young leader of Schedule caste, schedule Tribe and other backward classes in state.
He had fought continuosly for rights of backward classes and minorities. He blamed BJP for bad condition of minorities in state and blamed Bhartiya Janta party for no action against bad condition.
He recently joined congress party and said 25 lakhs people said him to join. Congress party.
  These three leaders will make a difference in upcoming elections , and will be interesting to show how they can stop Modi wave in state where Vikas (Development) is always on priority rather than local issues or community issues.
Arvind Kejriwal chief minister of Capital of India, Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal made his party AAP party after Anna Movement against Corruption and in support of Lokpal bill. Arvind Kejriwal and his party founder members went on different route and created party named Aam Aadmi Party which was expected a true, gentleman politicians and common people but now AAP leaders and Arvind kejriwal is known for false promises and lie against all parties and many issues. There is long list of such lie and false promises, some of them are mentioned below. But before that know about AAP party.
AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)
AAP party ruling party in Delhi and opposition party in Punjab was founded in year 2012 after Anna Movement against Corruption and Jan Lokpal bill. Aam Aadmi Party have student wing , youth wing , women and Labour wing. Aam addmi party and Arvind kejriwal came in power with a big majority in Delhi with 67 seats out of 70 on ideology of Anti-corruption , Democratic socialism and Populism. But AAP party have done everything opposite to that in many cases , even founder members of AAP party , Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav were thrown out of party.

Big Lies and False promises of Kejriwal and AAP

There are many but some of the top 'Jhuthe Vaade' of Arvind kejriwal and Aam aadmi party are given below.
1. No action against Sheela Dikshit
Aam Aadmi Party came in power with many promises and one of them was action against former chief minister Sheela Dikshit as kejriwal said before election that Sheela dikshit and congress party was involved in corruption cases but no action was taken against any leader specially Sheela Dikshit till now.
2. I will not take any government facilities
Kejriwal who tries to be iconic leader before Delhi Election and promised people of Delhi that he will not take any kind of government facilities such as car, bungalow, security etc. But today he had more facilities than normal chief minister.
3. Delhi will get status of 'State'
Arvind Kejriwal did not loose anything to capture votes of Delhi people and in this , he promised people of Delhi that he will make Delhi as state , but being so educated he was aware that this issue is not in his hand as a chief minister , it is issue of central government and Loksabha.
4. AAP party is party of common people 
Arvind Kejriwal said in his rallies before Delhi Election and Punjab Elections that this party is party of non criminal , and common people but most of leaders of Aam Aadmi Party are businessman and wealth in crore. There are several leaders who are indulge in many criminal activities, even law minister of Delhi got jailed for fake degree case.
5. I will not support and take support of any party
Being a second number party in Delhi during 49 days of rule of Arvind Kejriwal took support of Indian national Congress. But before elections kejriwal said that he will not take support of any party, even he sweated of his children. But he did not stand with this also.
Being biggest party , BJP did not ask to make Government.
6. Batla House and Ishrat encounter was fake 
Delhi chief minister Arvind kejriwal said to Muslim community that Batla House encounter and Ishrat Jnha encounter were fake , but before his fake statement High court declared them as terrorists of Indian Mujahidin.
7. I am against VIP culture 
Arvind Kejriwal and his party leaders always said that they are against VIP culture , but kejriwal have got all VIP facilities , and protected under 'Z' level security. Punjab Amrinder singh government and Yogi government of UP have stopped VIP culture without spreading lie.
8. Modi degree is fake 
Arvind Kejriwal and his party spread lie against Prime Minister Narendra modi's fake degree but BJP leaders showed original degree , still Aam Aadmi Party are not ready to believe status of degree true, as they want to believe what they want.
9. PMO insulted Chief minister's and did not allowed cellphone
Arvind Kejriwal said after 11 inter state meeting that PMO did not allow some chief minister's cellphone to enter inside, but truth is that no cellphone is allowed inside Prime minister office.
10. Judge's transfer is killing of judiciary by Modi government
Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party mislead people by telling that Modi government is killing judiciary by transferring Judges , but when Supreme court former judge enquire whole issue he found that judge himself asked for transfer due to health issues.

Comment in comment box if you know any lie of any political party or leader.
In 5 states election results BJP won in Uttar-Pradesh and Uttrakhand with a big majority and congress in Punjab whereas in Manipur and Goa assembly in hung state. Congress is biggest single party in both hung assembly states out of five states .Samajwadi party and congress in Uttar-Pradesh as well as Congress party in Uttrakhand could not fight and lost with a big margin. In other states results congress party won in Punjab with a big majority and Anti-incumbency against Badal government. But now Question arises who was reason of this landslide victory of BJP in Uttar-Pradesh and Uttrakhand? 

BJP won because of Narendra Modi or Party ?

After results many political analyst are talking on this question as after November 26,2014 when Modi took oath as a prime minister , BJP won in every state where Modi was face of BJP. BJP lost in just two states Delhi and Bihar where magic of BJP and Modi failed.
BJP won in Maharashtra , Jharkhand, Haryana, Assam. Important thing in results is Bhartiya Janta Party came in power after leadership of modi in states where party was in third place or non-existing party. Specially in East states assam , Maharashtra , Uttar-Pradesh , Haryana and Jharkhand.
Bihar Election was the only Election where BJP did not project any CM candidate and lost.

Final Results of five states

Uttar-pradesh election results -2017(403 seats)
BJP - 326
SP+Congress - 54
BSP - 19
Others - 4
Punjab election results -2017 (117 seats)
Congress - 77
AAP - 20
SAD + BJP - 18
Others - 2
* Uttrakhand election results -2017 (70 seats)
BJP - 57
Congress - 11
Others - 4
Goa election results -2017 (40 seats )
Congress - 17
BJP - 13
Others - 10
Manipur election results -2017 (60 seats )
Congress - 26
BJP - 22
Others - 11

How UP and Uttrakhand results will effect National politics and changes ?

Uttar-Pradesh was like semifinal before 2019 election and this will effect in mindset and strategy of central government and biggest party of world Bhartiya Janta Party in big way.
Some big changes after UP results are following
- Modi has become a biggest brand in politics as well as growing his image as a world leader.
- BJP will get majority in Rajya Sabha after election results.
- BJP will get enough majority for upcoming Presidential elections.
- Biggest referandom in favour of BJP on 'Demonetization'.
- BJP proved that way to win in elections is simply good governance and development.
- With these results in state politics , power of regional parties have decreased rapidly.
- BJP is saying this result as votes against AntiNational activity supporter parties as well as against those who questioned 'Surgical Strike' across borders.
- BJP is saying this win as result of good governance, Leadership and work they did in last two and half years.

Big leaders who lost in elections -2017

In five states election which politics pandit consider it as semi final before 2019 elections. There were several big leaders in all five states who lost their seats .Some of them are here below.
1. Uttrakhand chief minister and Congress leader Harish Rawat lost his both seats in Uttrakhand. One seat from haridwar rural and kichha seat.
2. Goa CM and BJP leader Lakshmikant Parsekar lost his seat. He was elected CM after former CM Pariker was given central ministry.
3. Gayatri Prajapati of SP lost his election from amethi , he lost election from Garima Singh of BJP.
4. Sharmila Irom lost her seat against chief minister Ibobi Singh.
5. Ajay Rai of congress party lost his seat , he was 5 time MLA of congress and fought against Modi during 2014 Loksabha elections.
6. Amrinder singh lost his seat from Laambi against Prakash Singh Badal but he won from Patiala seat.

Political reactions and Statements after results

- Modi congratulated Captain Amrinder singh and also wished him birthday. He also thanked people for big majority in UP and Uttrakhand.
- Rahul Gandhi tweeted and congratulated BJP for landsliding victory.
- Modi thanked in reply to Rahul Gandhi and said 'Long Live Democracy'.
- Harish Rawat called his loss as Modi Kranti and magic of EVM machines.
- Mayawati and Akhilesh yadav questioned EVM machines for landsliding victory of Bhartiya Janta Party.
- Akhilesh Yadav said perhaps people of Uttar-Pradesh did not liked express-way and they have voted for Bullet train.
Republican party leader and person with no experience of politics ,Donald Trump is finally taking oath of 45th president of The America today. It's rarely seen someone taking oath of President of superpower nation United states and facing protest against president. Anti trump leader, personalities and people are protesting in front of Trump Tower. But after all protest and controversies Mr. President Donald Trump will become 45th president of The united states. India will be keen to see how trump will work with India and his views and strategies against Pakistan and China. 

Leaders in Oath ceremony of Trump

- Navtez Sarna - India.
Former president of America
- Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
- George Bush
- Bill Clinton etc.
There will be several representatives of Different countries and personalise from all over the world.

Indians performance in Trump oath ceremony

There will be two or three performances of Indian Bollywood stars and this is first time in history that any Indian will perform in Oath ceremony of United states president. There will be 7 minutes programme of Indian stars and 5 Bollywood songs will be performed during ceremony. These songs are Jumme ki raat , Kala chashma , Malhari, Jai ho and tamil song Top Lesi Podi.
Bollywood star Mika singh and former miss India Manasvi Mamgai will perform in ceremony. Mika singh thanked Mr. President and remember Manasvi was also present in 'Thank You Rally's of Donald Trump after he was elected as president of The united states.

Programme of Donald trump before Oath

Before Oath ceremony of new president of America Donald trump will go to Church near Washington Capitol and than he will go to meet Obama and Michelle Obama. He will have coffee with Barack Obama.Than on the capitol stairs Trump will oath as 45th president The united states by chief justice of United states.
Around 20-30000 army man are around oath ceremony stage and Trump will oath with two Bible in which one is with which Abraham Lincoln took his oath.

Donald Trump Good or Bad for India ?

Mr. President Donald trump and his views on different issues are unknown as he is Owner of a real estate company. His relation with India will be seen later but from his election speeches some points are clear that he likes Leadership of Narendra Modi and it can be understand from the moment when he said 'Abki Baar Trump Sarkaar' during election campaign.
Trump will be good or bad for India , this will be seen in future but some points are given below.

  • How Trump can benefit India?

* H1 - B Visa : Trump had said earlier in his campaign that he will strict rules of H1- B Visa but for India he said he want Indian businessman , worker and students in America. So in case of H1-B visa trump can benefit India.
* Trade and Tourism : As many times Donald had praised leadership of Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi , So trump can help India in 'Make in India' of Narendra Modi.
* Terrorism : Against terrorism Donald Trump showed serious anger and strict views. He said during his election campaign that he want to destroy Islamic terrorism. India is continuously talking on terrorism on different forums , so India will keen to know how trump react on terrorism .
* Relations : Trump can be a key man in relation with India as he have criticises  Pakistan for terrorism and called China as currency manipulator. He have criticised China and Pakistan throughout his campaign.

  • India stands to loose ?

- With good relation with Russia , trump can make his good relation with China. That can harm India as China is continuously working against India.
- If he strict rules H1-B visa as  he said in his election campaign and if he don't benefit India than Indians may loose jobs and business in America.
- He promises to reduce corporate taxes from 35% to 15% , if that happens many US Companies will shift from India to United states.
- Trump believes that world is robbing Jobs of United states, and want to close this trade if he implement his rules it can impact India.
Time will tell , trump will affect or effect India but now Mr.President Donald Trump will be 45th president of The united states. According to United states on 11:30 am Donald trump will take oath as president of United states.
Election commission's decision on symbol and party Akhilesh yadav led Samajwadi party has decided to make 'Mahagathbandhan' against Bhartiya Janta Party and Bahujan Samajwadi party. Samajwadi party is ready to alliance with Congress party and Rashtriya Lok Dal. Akhilesh yadav is ready to leave around 89-90 seats for Indian national congress(INC) and around 20 seats for Rashtriya Lok Dal(RLD). According to sources RLD is not ready to alliance with 20 seats , they want more seats to make alliance in Uttar-Pradesh. 
Who will be CM of UP-2017?
Some more things about alliance of Congress, RLD and Samajwadi party is given below.
- ND tiwari and his son Rohit Shekhar joined Bhartiya Janta Party.
- Swami Prasad Maurya in touch with SP leader.
- RLD leader and 8 congress leaders joined Bhartiya Janta Party.

'Mahagathbandhan' eye on 35% of votes

There is a great strategy behind 'Mahagathbandhan' in Uttar-Pradesh just as RJD and JDU did in Bihar against Bhartiya Janta Party.
In previous elections vote percent of Samajwadi party was 25% , congress party 10% and in West Uttar-Pradesh vote percent of RLD in previous elections was around 10%. Around 30% votes carrying party or alliance makes government in state so this alliance is aiming to get around 30-35 % of votes.

Vote bank of different Parties in Uttar-Pradesh

Votes and government in Uttar-Pradesh depends a lot on religion, community and region. This was biggest reason that every party in state eye on their own vote bank and community.
  • BSP : Bahujan Samajwadi party and supremo mayawati and her politics depends totally on minority votes and Muslim votes.
  • SP: Samajwadi party and Akhilesh yadav will be focussed on Yadav votes and Muslim votes. But in there family drama some vote bank will be definitely shifted to other parties.
  • Congress : Indian national congress and Rahul Gandhi are trying to make their appearance in government so they are ready to compromise in state. Congress Party is ready to withdraw their cm candidate for their appearance in UP. They will be looking to capture more and more minority , Muslims and general votes.
  • BJP: Bhartiya Janta Party is ready to fight against congress , RLD and Samajwadi party alliance as BJP is eyeing on Hindu golden votes, minority votes and other backward classes votes as in first list of BJP there is no Muslim candidate, which shows that BJP is ready to fight against Muslim votes.

Dimple and Priyanka star campaigner in UP

According to sources Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Dimple yadav will be star campaigner for 'Mahagathbandhan' in Uttar-Pradesh. In state many posters related Priyanka and Dimple yadav can be seen. Priyanka and Dimple yadav will try to capture more and more ladies votes in state.

Election news and updates of Uttar-Pradesh election-2017

- Mulayam ready to fight upcoming elections under leadership of Akhilesh yadav now.
- Sheila Dikshit CM Candidate of Congress party in UP ready to withdraw her post for 'Mahagathbandhan'.
- Congress is asking more than 10 seats where SP had won in previous election so SP candidates can fight on sign of Congress party.
- Mukhtar ansari and his party can be out of Samajwadi party soon.
- Amar singh is out of party and powers of Shivpal yadav are limited now.
- Mamta Benergee, Arvind kejriwal and Nitish kumar can rally for Akhilesh yadav in Uttar-Pradesh.
There are some days left for election in Uttar-Pradesh but every party is doing each and everything to get more and more votes to make their government in state , afterall way to Delhi(central government) goes though Lucknow.
Health minister of Haryana and senior leader of BJP is always in highlights everytime because of his statements. This time also he said something which going to effect him as well BJP. Anij vij commented on Father of national Mahatma Gandhi this time. He was saying on decision of Narendra modi in place of Mahatma Gandhi.
Actually this statement came after Annual calendar of Khadi was released

What is statement of Anil Vij?

Anil Vij is member of legislative assembly of Haryana and he is MLA from Ambala seat. Most of time he is Controversy because of his comment and Tweets.
Health minister of Haryana Anil Vij said that Modi is better brand for Khadi industry. Some more points of his statements are given below
-  From the day name of Gandhi linked with Khadi industry , industry couldn't progress.
-  He also said that Gandhi is name like , from the day his photo printed on Rupees notes , devaluation of notes started.
- Vij said name of Gandhi is not patent for Khadi and slowly slowly his picture will also disappear from Rupee note.
-   From the day Modi linked with Khadi , sale had been increased up to 14 percent.

BJP and Chief minister Haryana condemned statement

Just after statement of Haryana health minister , Chief minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar gave statement and said Anil Vij is senior leader of state , and he speaks wisely. Sometimes some statements are personal and this is his personal statement , government of Haryana have no link with his statement and they condemn this statement.
- Khattar said Khadi is just because of Gandhi and Narendra modi took initiative to progress Khadi.
BJP national secretary and Spokesman Shrikant sharma condemned statement of Anil Vij strongly and said it's not stand of their party.
After issue became more , Anil Vij also gave his statement and said this is his personal view and he took his statement back and this was not to hurt somebody's feelings.

Political Parties statement on Anil Vij

After statement of Anil vij Controversy is becoming a point for other political parties, some political leaders attacked BJP and Anil Vij.
  • Congress Party
Congress Party leader and spokesman Randeep singh surjewala said that People can expect this only from BJP and BJP leaders.
  • Rashtriya Janta Dal
RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav said on this statement that these are bad sons and this statement is very unfortunate.
  • CPIM
Communist party leader Vrinda Karat said this kind of mentality killed Mahatma Gandhi , and we need to make country modi free.

What is this whole issue of Gandhi ji?

-  In 2017, wall calendar and diary of Khadi village industries commission , Gandhi ji's photo was replaced by Prime minister Narendra modi.
-  In recent years Gandhi ji photo is printed every year .
Rahul Gandhi said on this replacement of photo as Mangalyan effect.
Mamta Benergee said Mahatma Gandhi is father of Nation and what is modi in front of him.
Tushaar Gandhi, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi said Modi use Gandhi for his image.
PMO replied on this issue and said this is not first time that picture had been replaced , in year 1996, 2002, 2005, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016 material of Khadi industry had been changed.
This is different thing to replace picture of Gandhi ji with Narendra modi but statement of senior leader of Anil Vij is really very sad and unfortunate.
Punjab politics is at top level , and today an interesting phase came in Punjab election 2017 when Vice - Chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said in a public rally in Mohali that Vote on the name of Arvind Kejriwal. He asked people of Punjab to vote by assuming Arvind kejriwal as Chief minister candidate of Aam Aadmi Party in coming elections in Punjab - 2017. But interesting thing is when Arvind kejriwal said in past that he will stay for 5 years in Delhi only. So what will be of promise of Arvind Kejriwal which he did with People of Delhi.
Arvind kejriwal punjab
Vote AAP in name of Arvind Kejriwal : Manish Sisodia
Manish Sisodia, vice-chief minister of Delhi was addressing a rally in Punjab and indirectly he said truth of Aam Aadmi Party. Manish Sisodia said that people of Punjab should vote in name of Arvind kejriwal. Indirectly he said that Arvind kejriwal will be Chief ministerial Candidate of Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab. He said consider that Arvind kejriwal will be CM of punjab.
Arvind kejriwal will complete every promises : Vice-CM Delhi
Manish Sisodia said in public rally that every promise with public will be completed under leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. He said Arvind kejriwal will complete every promise related to students , people of Punjab and he also added that Leader of Punjab Majithia will be sent behind bars if party will win in Punjab.
He said Arvind kejriwal will fulfil his promise about drugs ban in Punjab.
To cover his statement he said that whoever will be Chief minister of Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab, Arvind kejriwal will make sure to complete all promises.
Political parties statement on Arvind kejriwal as CM Candidate
SAD : Shiromani Akali Dal leader and vice chief minister of punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal said
- Aam Aadmi Party have just break trust of  people in Delhi.
- Chotepur of Aam Aadmi Party was sent out of Punjab just because of AAP party.
BJP : BJP leader Minakshi Lekhi said Whatever Arvind kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party did in Punjab , same they are trying to do in Punjab.
Congress party : Congress party said that Aam Aadmi Party have broken all promises in Delhi and now they are trying to fool people of Punjab.
This is just starting some more political reactions will come soon.
Former leader of Aam Aadmi Party Succha Singh said Arvind kejriwal is trying to make fool of Punjab. He only know to make fool of people.
Opinion polls of punjab election 2017
In Punjab both opinion polls are very different , India Today - Axis is predicting BJP and SAD as biggest party whereas ABP News - Lokniti- CDS is predicting fight between AAP and Congress party in Punjab election. According to ABP News - Lokniti- CDS SAD and BJP will be on third position in upcoming punjab election. But interesting thing is that in both opinion polls , Captain Amrinder singh is first choice for Chief minister of Punjab.
Report on Opinion Polls of Punjab
India Today - Axis
BJP : 17 - 21
INC : 49 - 55
AAP : 42 - 46
ABP News - Lokniti- CDS
BJP : 50 - 58
INC : 41 - 49
AAP : 12 -18
CM Candidates of political parties in Punajb
Chief ministerial Candidates in Punjab are top leaders of political parties as BJP and SAD are alliance in Punjab whereas Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are fighting election alone. So chief ministerial Candidates of different political parties are
BJP - SAD - Sardar Prakash Singh Badal
Congress - Captain Amrinder singh
Aam Aadmi Party - Arvind kejriwal
Why Arvind kejriwal want to lead government in Punjab?
The reason why Arvind Kejriwal want to go punjab leaving Delhi in mid - way is simple because he is looking at 2019 Loksabha Elections. His wish is to become prime minister of India. In Delhi because of Union territory he is not able to take all decisions. That is why he want to go in state where he can take all decisions, police ,all officers are under him. So it will be really interesting to see that what turns this political idea of Aam Aadmi Party takes but it will not be easy for them as Captain Amrinder singh is first choice of CM face in all surveys and opinion polls. Whereas Sardar Prakash Singh Badal is leading state continuously for two terms and he will try to make hat-trick in Punjab.
If Aam Aadmi Party wins in Punjab and Arvind kejriwal becomes chief minister of punjab it will show how political parties breaks promises with People.
Akhilesh yadav and Mulayam singh yadav are sitting on different cycle just before upcoming election but good news for congress who was getting very few seats in Opinion polls. There are updates of Uttar-Pradesh politics that Samajwadi party of Akhilesh yadav can alliance with congress party in Uttar-Pradesh. Just after election dates have been declared all political parties are implementing there tactics and strategies on ground. Remember Samajwadi party is on the point of separation. 

Akhilesh Samajwadi party ready to alliance

Mulayam singh as a national president of Samajwadi party denied earlier about alliance with Congress party, whereas Chief minister Akhilesh yadav was keen to alliance with congress party and he had told every time that if alliance took place, Samajwadi party and alliance will win more than 300 seats.
After disturbance within party ,Akhilesh supported Samajwadi party is ready to alliance with congress party.
According to sources soon Akhilesh yadav can meet Rahul Gandhi in Delhi.

Priyanka Gandhi will be asked about alliance

According to sources after Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh yadav meeting on 9th January , Priyanka Gandhi's suggestion will be taken on this issue.
- If alliance took place , Samajwadi party will offer around 90 - 105 seats. After 7 phase election dates of Elections in UP , SP and congress are getting close and their is full possibility of alliance.

Alliance to capture Muslim votes

The reason behind alliance of Congress and SP is to stop BJP to come in power. According to sources Samajwadi party and Akhilesh yadav didn't want to loose Muslim votes as they are sure that if alliance happen in Uttar-Pradesh , all Muslim votes will be shared to Congress and SP alliance.

More than 300 seats in case of alliance : Akhilesh

- Akhilesh yadav had said on several occasions that if alliance happen in Uttar-Pradesh , SP and alliance party will get more than 300 seats.
- Congress have not cleared their stand on alliance issue but Akhilesh yadav is openly inviting congress for alliance.

Sheela Dikshit ready to leave CM candidate post

- Sheela Dikshit said she is ready to leave CM candidate post for alliance.
- She said ,its good if two non-secular parties will ally together.
- Sheela Dikshit also said , party is more important and she is ready to sacrifice her candidature.

Akhilesh -Mulayam Samajwadi at point of break up

Today after many efforts of Aazam Khan, it is clear that there is very less chances to avoid Samajwadi party breakup.
- Today Shivpal yadav and Amar singh met with Mulayam singh yadav .
- Akhilesh yadav and Aazam also met with Mulayam singh yadav. But situation suggests that there is no hope of any patch up.
- Ramgopal yadav said today that more than 212 MLA's are with Akhilesh yadav and they are real Samajwadi party. He also said that they will go to election commission to prove that they are real Samajwadi party and party symbol should be submitted to them.

Political reactions on SP-INC alliance news

As news of possibility of Samajwadi  party and congress alliance is coming political parties stated giving their views on this issue.
  • Bahujan Samajwadi party
BSP leader and  spokesman said today that ,If this alliance happen this alliance will be of Gundaraj and Corrupt people.
- Actually BSP is also thinking to loose their votes if this alliance happen, as BSP is trying to capture Muslim votes, In first two lists of BSP Candidates for elections , most of candidates are Muslims and from minority.
  • Bhartiya Janta Party
BJP state president Maurya said that they are ready to face any alliance in state. He said they are ready for elections even if BSP, congress and SP alliance together.
- BJP have no more option to say like this because they know , they have no chances of alliance with any party in state as all political parties in state are anti - BJP.
  • Whole scenario about alliance is that if it happens it will be game changing for Samajwadi party who is fighting within family and congress party who is trying to make their appearance in Uttar-Pradesh.
Election commission announces dates for upcoming five states election. These states are Uttar Pradesh , Punjab , Goa, Manipur  and Uttrakhand. Political parties are ready to fight in these states, where some regional parties as well national parties will show there power. Opinion polls are also coming after declaration of Election dates. Two opinion polls India Today - Axis and ABP News - Lokniti- CDS predicted big win for Bhartiya Janta Party in big states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.
According to these polls BJP is going to make their government in UP , Goa and Uttrakhand whereas in Punjab SAD and BJP alliance will retain their power in state.
Elction polls are suggesting bjp as biggest party but time will tell who will celebrate diwali on 11th January 2017 on Holi.

Election Dates For Five states 

Election commission of India announces election dates for five states , in which two big states are important for Political parties. In Uttar Pradesh polls will take places in 7 phase, Manipur in two phase whereas in Punjab , Goa and Uttrakhand election polls will be completed in single phase. Date of counting votes will be on 11th march 2017
Full details about announced election schedule is given below
  • [vtab]
    • Uttar-Pradesh
      • Total Seats - 403
        First Phase : 73 seats - 11th Feb
        Second Phase :67 seats - 15th Feb
        Third Phase : 69 seats  -  19th Feb
        Fourth Phase : 53 seats -  23rd Feb
        Fifth Phase : 52 seats  - 27th Feb
        Sixth Phase : 49 seats  - 4th Mar
        Seventh Phase :  40 seats  - 8th Mar
    • Manipur
      • Total Seats : 60
        Number of phases : 2
        First Phase : 38 seats -  4th Mar
        Second Phase : 22 seats - 8th Mar
        Last date of Withdrawal of nominations : 22nd February 2017 
    • Punjab
      • Total Seats : 117 Seats
        Election in number of phases : 1
        Phase 1 - 117 seats -  4 Feb
        Last date of Withdrawal of nominations : 21st jan 2017
    • Uttrakhand
      • Total Seats : 70 Seats
        Election in number of phases : 1
        Phase 1 - 70 seats -  15 Feb
        Last date of Withdrawal of nominations : 30th jan 2017
    • Goa 
      • Total Seats : 40 Seats
        Election in number of phases : 1
        Phase 1 - 40 seats -  4 Feb
        Last date of Withdrawal of nominations : 21st jan 2017

Election Opinion Polls 

There are two opinion polls till now , These are by two biggest media groups  India Today - Axis and ABP News - Lokniti- CDS , predicting BJP as biggest party in these states. Report of these opinion polls is given below

  • Opinion  Polls of  Uttar Pradesh

According to opinion polls by  India Today - Axis report , BJP will clear majority mark easily with 206 - 213 seats in UP out of 403 seats. Whereas ABP News - Lokniti- CDS is predicting a close fight between Samajwadi Party and bhartiya Janta Party. Both opinion polls are predicting BSP of Mayawati on third place in List. Indian national congress is on bottom of list in both opinions polls.
Report on Opinion Polls of UP
  • [tab]
    • India Today - Axis
      • BJP : 206 - 216
        SP :92 - 97
        BSP : 79 - 85
        INC : 5 - 9
    • ABP News - Lokniti- CDS
      • BJP : 129 - 139
        SP :141 - 151
        BSP : 93 - 103
        INC : 13 - 19

  • Opinion Polls of Punjab

In Punjab both opinion polls are very different , India Today - Axis is predicting BJP and SAD as biggest party whereas ABP News - Lokniti- CDS is predicting fight between AAP and Congress party in Punjab election. According to ABP News - Lokniti- CDS SAD and BJP will be on third position in upcoming punjab election. But interesting thing is that in both opinion polls , Captain Amrinder singh is first choice for Chief minister of Punjab.

Report on Opinion Polls of Punjab
  • [tab]
    • India Today - Axis
      • BJP : 17 - 21
        INC : 49 - 55
        AAP : 42 - 46
    • ABP News - Lokniti- CDS
      • BJP : 50 - 58
        INC : 41 - 49
        AAP : 12 -18

  • Opinion Polls of Uttrakhand

Uttrakhand is state where BJP last year also left out of power with just one or two seats , so BJP will want to get most of seats this time as Former chief minister of Uttrakhand , Vijay Bahuguna is also with Bhartiya Janta Party and track record of current chief minister of UK , Harish Rawat is not so good. So it would be interesting to see how things goes in future but opinion polls are suggesting BJP government in this hilly state.
According to India Today - Axis BJP will come to power with 35 - 43 seats out of total 70 seats.
Report on Opinion Polls of Uttrakhand 
BJP : 35 - 43
INC : 22 - 30

Top Political Parties in Elections

In upcoming five states election there are some popular national as well as regional parties. In UP and Punjab all political parties will be more focused as number of seats are more and parties like congress bjp , congress and AAP will be looking these election in prospective of 2019 Lok Sabha electios.
political parties fighting in these elections are 
- Bhartiya Janta Party
- Indian National Congress
- Aam Aadmi Party
- Samajwadi Party
- Bahujan Samajwadi Party
- Shiromani Akali dal etc.
  • According to opinion polls  vote percentage of BJP and Narenddra modi has increased by 2 % in Uttar- Pradesh, BJP vote percentage is now 33 % according to opinion polls which was earlier 31 %.Other reason for failure of Samajwadi party and Akhilesh Yadav is there family fight and fight for symbol. There is no doubt , that family fight can take power from SP's hands, 
Akhilesh and Mulayam singh yadav are still fighting for party and symbol. This looks that there is no hope of compromise in party and according to sources , Akhilesh Yadav Samajwadi group is ready to fight with other party symbol also.
  • In Punjab , Amrinder singh is first choice of voters as a chief minister of punjab . But AAP spokesman Sanjay singh said that they going to create history in Punjab also and will win more than 100 seats in Punjab. AAP is also unpredictable party in Indian Politics and it will not be strange if they will win Punjab elections,
  • In Uttrakhand and Goa according to opinion polls as well as situation suggests, Bhartiya janta party is going to make their government. Congress and AAP can give good fight in states Uttrakhand and Goa respectively, 
Elections are always unpredictable and that had been seen in past during election of 2014 Loksabha, Maharashtra, Haryana, Bihar as well as Chattisgarh. but this is sure that these elections going to be very interesting.

Akhilesh yadav chief minister of Uttar-Pradesh becomes national president of Samjwadi party. Shivpal yadav is expanded as State president of Samajwadi party. Amar singh ,is also out of Samajwadi party now. These all decisions were taken today in 'Rashtriya Adhiveshan' of Samajwadi party.
UP politics took an interesting turn when yesterday SP supremo and state Samjwadi party president suspended Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and national secretary Ramgopal Yadav from party for 6 years. But within 24 hours Akhilesh and Ramgopal are in SP again. This looks so simple like exit and entry but there is some interesting scenario in whole issue given below.
With this disturbance in Samjwadi party , opposition parties like Congress, BJP and Bahujan Samjwadi party will be glad, as they will try to capture this internal war of SP.
Shivpal yadav, reason of expansion
State president Shivpal Yadav, is considered to be reason behind exit of Akhilesh yadav and Ramgopal. Shivpal is uncle of Akhilesh yadav but there differences are open Every time. Akhilesh was angry from the day when Shivpal was elected as State SP president in place of Akhilesh yadav.
Other issue which made serious collision in party was when Akhilesh supported leaders didn't get ticket in released list.
Akhilesh released his own list of 225 candidates , after which Akhilesh and Ramgopal yadav were suspended from party for 6 years.

Akhilesh and Ramgopal were suspended

Shivpal yadav and SP supremo Mulayam singh yadav had press conference in evening as Party national president and state president were angry with new list of Akhilesh yadav and National meeting of party by Ramgopal yadav . So in evening they suspended Ramgopal and Akhilesh yadav from party for next 6 years.

Akhilesh showed his power today

There were two meetings of Samjwadi party today after exit of CM Akhilesh and National secretary Ramgopal yadav, one of Akhilesh yadav and other of Samjwadi party.
But around 200 MLA's were in support of Akhilesh yadav and rejects leadership of Shivpal yadav and Mulayam singh yadav.
There were only chants of 'Akhilesh Zindabad' in Lucknow.

Aazam Khan saved Samjwadi Party

Aazam Khan leader of Samjwadi party and minister of Akhilesh government today did a splendid job to save Samajwadi party. He managed a meeting of Akhilesh , Shivpal and Mulayam singh yadav. After meeting it was decided that Party will not split , and will face upcoming UP elections in 2017 with full unity.

Political parties and leaders statement on Samajwadi war

Shivpal Yadav, SP state president
- "Everything is good inside party now".
- "On Netaji's decision Akhilesh and Ramgopal are in party now".
- " Party will work strongly in state to come in government again and to stop communal forces".
- "We will discuss seats and decide it after meeting".
*   Rashid Alvi, Congress spokesman
- "This is internal matter of Samajwadi party".
- " Mulayam singh yadav is doing this to benefit BJP".
- "Amit shah and BJP is behind this war in Samjwadi party".
*   Aditya Nath , BJP MP
- "Mulayam is doing this all drama to gain sympathy".
- " SP knows that they going to defeat in upcoming election, so doing all this drama".
*   Lalu Prasad Yadav , RJD supremo
Lalu Prasad Yadav called Akhilesh yadav and Mulayam singh yadav both and asked to solve issues within party.
- " Now everything is good in party , I am happy as I am relative of Mulayam singh yadav".
- "Samajwadi party should fight election with coagulation with Congress party to stop communal parties in state".
*   Amar singh
- "I dont believe in break policy, I believe in unity".
- " Netaji showed mature politics".
Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was targeting Prime minister Narendra modi from last some weeks. In every rally from Gujrat to Uttrakhand and Himachal rally Rahul Gandhi have continuously targeting about bribery issue by quoting 'Sahara Diary' . Rahul Gandhi have attacked BJP and PM Narendra modi by saying that in 'Sahara Diaries' there is name of PM (as a CM of Gujrat) and he have been given bribery of rupees 40 crore. 
But Rahul forget that there is name of his party senior leader , former chief minister of Delhi and CM candidate of congress in Uttar-Pradesh. Remember there are some names of other chief ministers like Raman singh and ShivRaj Singh Chauhan ,Jayanti Natrajan etc. But after Sheila Dikshit's statement on documents of Sahara Diaries , congress party is on backfoot.

Congress put Sheila Dikshit on line

Congress put Sheila Dikshit on line to save image of Rahul Gandhi. Because congress was alleging prime minister Modi on basis of Sahara documents , without knowing that there is name of there leaders also in that list. Sheila Dikshit , Jayanti Natrajan and some other congress leaders name is on Sahara Diaries document. According to document PM modi had taken bribe of ₹40 crore.

Sheila Dikshit questioned authenticity of document

After continuous allegation on PM modi by Rahul Gandhi, when UP chief ministerial candidate Sheila Dikshit was asked about documents of Sahara and bribe given to chief minister of Delhi (Sheila Dikshit) . She totally denied that document and questioned authentication of the document . She said supreme Court have already denied these documents , and made their observation.

Why focus on Sheila Dikshit ? : Sheila Dikshit

Sheila Dikshit said out of party line that there are many chief ministers name ,like ShivRaj Singh Chauhan, Raman singh, Jayanti Na etc than why you are focussing on Sheila Dikshit only. She said issue is sub-judicious, so she don't want to comment on it.
She said on Twitter about this issue that "It surprised me" , and I have nothing to do with this issue and dont want to comment on this issue.

Supreme Court did not authenticate document

This issue of bribe from Sahara to chief ministers of state and some ministers is matter of sub-judicious. Supreme Court did not authenticate the documents . Supreme Court judge and new CJI Jagdeesh singh khehar said these documents are not enough to questions big personalities.
Still Rahul Gandhi raises this issue to allege Prime minister Narendra Modi and now they are trapped in there own trap.

U-turn of Sheila Dikshit on PM Modi

Sheila Dikshit took U-turn after Daniel of documents of Sahara. She said there are allegations on Prime minister Modi , he should come out clean . She tried to save image of Rahul Gandhi as he was speaking about these papers in every rally. Sheila Dikshit tried to cover up the issue but she forget there is clearly written 'Delhi Cm' in that document.

Different Parties view on 'Sahara Diaries' document

Bhartiya Janta Party will be relieved after statement of Sheila Dikshit . There are several comments from leader of political parties. Some of them are
- Bhartiya Janta Party
BJP got chance after Sheila Dikshit's denied documents and questioned authenticity of papers.
BJP spokesperson and secretary Siddharth Nath singh said that congress yuvraj and party leaders are making stupid mistakes again and again. He singh Rahul Gandhi is no more child, and should gain some wisdom.
- Congress Party
Congress spokesperson said they want inquiry on this issue , and said Sheila Dikshit does not said anything out of party line . Congress party want inquiry on this issue.
- Janta Dal United
Janta Dal United (JDU) spokesperson KC Tyagi said on this issue that he want that papers should made available to public and named person should be questioned.
He said there are names of many leaders like Raman singh etc. So we want that these lists should made public. 
Rashtriya Janta Dal leader Manoj Kumar shares different opinion and said there should be immediate decision by supreme Court judge. As we don't want to lose credibility of position of Prime minister.
Majid Manon Leader of NCP said it's not about any party, Congress or BJP, CM of PM. If anyone did crime and found guilty they should be punished.
JDU, NCP chief Sharad pawar, RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav said that all names in list should be investigated.
Chief justice of India TS Thakur is retiring on 4th of January 2017. Justice Jagdeesh singh Khehar is set to appointed as 44th chief justice of India.
Current CJI TS Thakur recommended name of Justice Khehar to centre for next Chief justice of India. 
Under the existence practice ,the incumbent Chief justice recommends name of the successor .
He will be sworn in as CJI by President Pranab Mukherjee on January 4th , 2017.
He would head the Indian judiciary for the little less than 8 months before retiring on august 27 .

About Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar

Jagdish Singh Khehar born on 28th august,1952. He is LLB and LLM from Punjab university with gold medal.
He came to news after restoring decision of Nabam Tuki government in Arunachal Pradesh.

Education of Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar

Jagdeesh singh Khehar graduated in science from government college Chandigarh in yearb1974. He got his LLB degree from Punjab university in 1977, and LLM in 1979 with gold medal in 1979.

Work experience of Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar

Justice Khehar was appointed as a judge of Punjab and Haryana high court in 1999, worked as Acting chief justice for twice. Later he worked as chief justice of Uttrakhand High court on 29th Nov 2009 and chief justice of Karnataka High court in 2010.

Interesting facts about Jagdeesh singh Khehar

  • Justice JS Khehar revived the colegium  system of appointing higher judiciary judges.
  • Restored congress government headed by Nabam Tuki in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • He was also part of impeachment precedings of apex court justice v. Ramaswami and karnataka HC chief justice PD Dinakaran.
Pakistan after a strong response from India on line of control(LOC) want to start dialogue with India. Today Pakistan high commissioner in India Abdul Basit said that Nawaj Shareef government in Pakistan want to start dialogue with indian government unconditionally.
This development came after kamar javed bajwa has been declared as next Army chief of Pakistan after Rahil Shareef.
Abdul Basit on indo-pak relation
Kamar javed bajwa is called as 'kashmir expert' as his most of service is around LOC. So it will be interesting to see that , is it good gesture from Pakistan or a new move from terror state Pakistan.

Nawaj government want dialogue with India: Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit Pakistani high commissioner in India said on Monday after one day of declaration of new army chief. Basit said Nawaj government is ready for dialogue unconditionally as they want peace on LoC. Basit said Pakistan government want to stop firing on Line of control.
As Pakistani foreign affairs advisor Sartaj Aziz is visiting India. If there was an offer for talks from India, then it would be accepted by Pakistan.

Solution to all problems between indo-pak is dialogue: Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit said in an interview to Aaj tak that we can delay dialogues for day months and years but ultimately dialogue is solution to all problems between India and Pakistan. Both nations should sit on table and discuss all issues.He also said that "Escalation along the Line of Control is not in Pakistan's interest."

About new Pakistani army chief Kamar javed bajwa

Present Pakistan army chief Rahil Shareef is retiring on 29th of November and than next Army chief will be Kamar javed bajwa. Experts call him 'kashmir expert' as his most of service is around LOC. Like last 2-3 army chief he is also from Baluchistan. Expert calls him very sensible and intelligent person. He like to be with army member most of time. He doesn't like to be in stories. Kamar bajwa have headed biggest battalion of Pakistan army in LOC.
Kamar javed bajwa had also been worked under former Indian army chief Vikram singh under the name of United Nations.
Expert says he doesn't like terrorists and terrorism. So it will be interesting to see how things go later.

Pakistan requested to stop fire on LOC : Manohar Pariker

Indian defence minister two days ago said that Pakistan have requested to stop cross fire at line of control at DGMO level. Manohar Pariker said in Goa that Indian DGMO have said that Pakistan have started this , and they will not stop.
Remember Pakistan is violating cross border peace from a long time.
This time Indian army have strongly replied them in there own language.
It's always difficult to trust on country like Pakistan , as Indian have initiated for dialogue and steps like 'samjhauta express, and bus service ' everytime , but Pakistan have only given cross fire attack, terrorism and kargil.
So time will say how indian government will respond to offer of Pakistan and how things go with new army chief of Pakistan Kamar javed bajwa.
Navjot singh sidhu will go in which party this was biggest question from some time in Punjab Politics. But update of Punjab elections 2017 is that Navjot singh sidhu and his wife will be in congress now. Navjot singh sidhu former Indian cricketer , commentator and judge of reality show 'The kapil sharma show's has decided to reject Bjp as well as Aam Aadmi Party. Official announcement is yet to come but according to sources Navjot singh sidhu and his wife have joined congress just official announcement yet to come.
The kapil sharma show
Kapil sharma (just for fun)

About Navjot singh sindhu ?

Navjot singh sidhu a great Indian opener batsman used to known for his big sixes in one day international matches. Navjot singh sidhu after his retirement from international cricket joined cricket commentary , but was banned later for his comment on a cricketer. He was also jailed once. On ticket of Bhartiya janta party Navjot singh sidhu was elected Member of Parliament from Amritsar seat. He became Loksabha member two times from Amritsar seat. But in year 2014 he was rejected as bjp candidate from Amritsar seat and Arun Jaitely fight against Amrinder singh and was defeated by a big margin. His wife is also politician and member of legislative assembly.

Why Congress, not Aam aadmi party?

Sidhu just before Punjab elections resigned from Rajya Sabha membership and news were coming that sidhu and his wife are joining Aam aadmi party , but according to AAP party only one person from family can join party and from internal sources it is said that Aam aadmi party rejected CM candidate proposal of Navjot singh sidhu.
Now question arises why Congress , that party which he always opposes?
Answer is quite simple , he have got some benefits from congress party as Deputy CM post for sidhu's wife and after resign of Amended singh from Amritsar seat ,Navjot singh sidhu will be nominated as Congress candidate. Navjot singh sidhu took this decision after meeting with Rahul Gandhi and Punjab congress president Amrinder singh.

Why sindhu left Bhartiya Janta party?

Sidhu was wanting to fight bjp alone in Punjab elections ,but bjp didn't accept his proposal. He never liked Badal government and it is said that Badal government didn't allowed  to give Amritsar seat to Navjot singh sidhu. So main reason of his exit from BJP was Shiromani Akali dal.

Why Congress accepting former BJP Member of Parliament?

Congress need a strong leader in Punjab and sidhu is a leader with strong speech quality and most important he is known to all facts and strategies inside bjp and Akali dal. So it can be a big moral booster for Congress party. This can be said a good move for Navjot singh sidhu as all election polls are telling congress as a leading party. It will not be strange now if Congress party won in Punjab and Navjot singh sidhu from Amritsar Loksabha seat.

Aawaz-e-punjab going to end now

After bains brothers joined Aam aadmi party and Navjot singh sidhu in congress , pargat singh another member of aawaz-e-punjab is looking for party. He told to media that he will take next step after meeting with Navjot singh sidhu.
So its quite clear Aawaz-e-punjab will not speak more on Punjab elections as there leaders are now in AAP party and congress party.
Delhi government have taken a strong step against arbitrariness of Private schools in Delhi. Delhi government have launched a new web portal to complaint against Private schools in national capital Delhi.
Deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia launched this web portal to solve issues related private schools.
Today several students in Delhi are studying in private schools, and arbitrary of private schools is common thing in Delhi. So to control it delhi government took a strong step by launching this web portal.
Web Address of portal
Arvind kejriwal strict against Pvt. Schools

This is single window complaint system : Manish

Aam aadmi party leader and deputy CM of Delhi said on web portal launched that this is a single window system to complaint against Private schools. He said there was no platform to complaint against Private schools related to fee, admission ,books etc.
So parents used to write complaint to different person like deputy director, secretary education director, education minister and even cm Arvind kejriwal and they get different reply from everyone. But this portal will solve these all problems.

Complaint will be solved within 15 days : Deputy CM

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said this web portal is to benefit common people of Delhi. In this portal all private schools in Delhi will be included.
He also said complaint in this portal will be directly linked to deputy director and he will ensure to solve issues within 15 days after complaint registered.
          If any parents want to attach any document with his complaint , he can attach that also.
After complaint and final action against complaint will be informed by SMS to complainer.
This whole process will be monitored by
Directorate , secretary education and education minister.

How to complain against private schools via web portal?

- Go on web portal directly or link available in DOE website at
- Now go on ' log your grievance' in web portal.
- Write your complaint in complaint page in less than 500 words and also attach document if available.
- Select school from list as all recognised schools will be available in list.
- Choose option related you want to complaint as fee, donation, EWUS, EWUS books, uniform etc.
- Don't forget to enter Name, address and mobile number . Email address is optional.
- After submitting all this information , complaint will be registered.
- Complainer will get SMS with unique grievance ID.
- Complainer can also Track their complaint easily with this ID.

  • So this is great step by delhi government. Every state government should launch such kind of web portals. This should not be only for private schools but also against mismanagement , dirtiness and staff issues in government schools.
PM Narendra Modi gave a historical decision on 8th November 2016, in which Rs 500 and 1000 notes were denominated. Some political parties of opposition and NDA, Bollywood actors and directors have supported this decision of denomination of Narendra Modi government. But some politicians and political parties are totally against decision of 500 and 1000 Rs denomination.
Rahul Gandhi and Arvind kejriwal is not leaving even a single chance to capture votes. Sometimes a good decision is taken to a very low level by such kind of politicians. People are ready to accept situation but they want to raise every issue in which they get benefitted.
Political parties on denomination of notes

Political parties in support of Denomination decision

  • Bjp(Bhartiya Janta Party)
Ruling party Bhartiya janta party have supported there government for denomination of 500 and 1000 Rs notes. Party chief Amit shah called it a historical decision and said this will end black money.
  • JDU (Janta Dal United )
Janta dal united chief and Chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar supported central government's decision and said any decision against black money and corruption, janta dal united will support him.
Remember JDU is only party who have supported decision of Modi government.
  • SAD, LJP and NCP
NDA leaders and parties like Shiromani Anjali Dal and Lok janshakti party have supported Modi government's decision and said NDA wil support every decision of Modi government against corruption in Nation.
NCP chief Sharad pawar also called this decision as historical and said this decision will help India and strength economy of India.
  • Indians behind modi
Most important is every citizen of India who is honest ans want good future of nation is behind PM Narendra Modi and central government. They are standing in line but saying we are with PM Modi.

Parties against decision of Denomination of 500 and 1000

Some Political parties can't accept decision against corruption ever and this time also they haven't  accepted and supported historical decision against corruption and black money.
Some political parties and leader like congress and Aam aadmi party is not leaving any chances to capture votes.
Parties who are against Modi government's decision are
  • Congress Party
Congress party is trying to capture votes by talking about problems of common people. Rahul Gandhi stood in queue to withdraw Rs 4000.
He said Modi was smiling in Japan and crying in india.
  • Aam aadmi party
Aam aadmi party did not miss any chance to indulge in national politics. He never say anything on issue of Pakistan but didn't miss to capture votes this times . He said PM Modi should take his decision back. He said common people is getting problem and PM have declared economical emergency with his decision.
  • Shivsena
Shivsena said by there official magazine 'saamna' that with Modi government's decision of denomination of notes , 125 crore people are on roads today.
Shivsena asked central government to give some more time to use old 500 and 1000 rupee notes.
  • TMC, SP and other opposition parties
Trinmool congress is so angry with this decision that they are ready to take support of there biggest rivals communist party of India. Samajwadi leaders have also asked Modi government to take this decision back for some time.

Bollywood in support of decision of denomination

Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar, Anupam kher , Aamir khan, Ajay Devgan, around rampal and directors and producers like rajkumar hirani called this a wise decision, and said there will be some problem for some days but it going to benefit for long time.

Decision will not be taken back now : Modi

Modi government said to all political parties who are trying to take advantage and want to capture votes that people are with central government's decision and decision will not be taken back.
He said common and honest people are sleeping after this decision and corrupt people and black money holders are looking for pills.
Himstates advise every individual in India ,please don't panic. Support central government and its decision. This is decision against corruption and black money, people in country no need to worry. Be honest and show your real money and save yourself and others from foolish rumours.
Pm Modi addressed a big rally in Panji,Goa. PM Modi went Goa for a big rally after Japan visit. This was Pm's  first rally in India after 500 and 1000 notes
He said this is just a start against corruption. Pm Modi said in Goa rally that we have to cure diseases of 70 years corruption in 17 months.
He said to buy jewellery above 2 lakhs PAN number is needed.

I know problems of common people : Modi

Prime minister Modi thanked people of India for supporting him on this decision of discontinuation of 500 and 1000 rs. Notes in India.
He said I know there may be problem to common people in India, but good people should not worry about this . Only corrupt people need to worry.
But common people and tax serving people are helping me.

Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi on discontinuation of notes

Some days ago congress vice president stood in queue to withdraw money. Modi attacked him in funny way and said those who did 2g , coal scam they are standing in line to withdraw money.
He also said today many politicians and corrupt people are in situation where they can't even say anything wrong about this decision.

I have left my home for country: Modi

Prime minister Modi said in Goa rally that I have left my family , home and state for country. I am not greedy of position . He also said I am not made for any position , I want to just serve nation. Modi also got emotional while addressing people of Goa.

This is just starting on corruption

On issue of corruption Modi said he know what he is doing. When he take step of Jan dhan yojna several politicians made fun of it. But he is doing everything step by step.
So this is not full stop on corruption , this is just starting . Just give me 50 days and than you will see your expected nation.
He said his next decision will be on undeclared property. He said I have several projects in my mind against corruption.

Corrupt people will not leave me : Modi

Modi said that I know corrupt people will not leave him because he is taking money of 70 years after independence. But he doesn't fear from anyone. Some people keeps doing politics it's there work. I don't care about them. For betterment of people of India and honest people every step will be taken . This is just starting some more strong steps will come soon.

Give me just 50 days against corruption

PM Modi said it takes 90 days for election in our country. I am just asking 50 days , I know there will be some problem but after 50 days if you'll feel this decision wrong whatever punishment you will give I am ready to have that. But give me just 50 days.
He said every honest people is with me , this is just against corruption.
India and Pakistan tension on line of control(LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir is not new thing.
It's time to boycott all companies like 'lays, pepsi, lenovo, xiaomi, zte, huewai, ' etc which are either Pakistan sponsoring companies or Chinese company.
India have tried to make good relations with neighbour countries , Pakistan ,china , Bhutan, Nepal , Bangladesh and all. But Pakistan have given terrorism and killed innocent people, and China have supported them always.
But this is time to give it back to China.
Say no to Pakistan and china #Notochina_andpakistan

What can government do against Pakistan?

Indian government have not taken even a strong step against Pakistan . Pakistan is killing innocent civilians everyday. Indian government should take some serious steps to put Pakistan on back foot. Some of steps against Pakistan that Indian Modi government can take are.
- cancellation of Most favoured Nation status
- Review of water treaty
- no sports , entertainment and no business with Pakistan.
            Most important thing that Modi government need to do is cancellation of status of 'most favoured nation' that had been given to Pakistan in which some special benefits are given to favoured nation.
Remember Pakistan haven't given status of 'most favoured nation to India.

What indians/people of India can do?

Indian people have boycott Chinese products in diwali ,which have effected Chinese business a lot. So this time is to boycott Chinese company products, and Pakistan sponsoring companies .
Chinese companies in India
Xiaomi etc
Pakistan sponsoring companies
Some companies which have a stromg business in India and they are giving sponsorship to Pakistani teams.
Pakistani cricket team have got sponsorship of Pepsi and lays as well as Chinese company Haier.
If India want to trouble Pakistan than it should be at every level. Pakistan sponsoring companies are
Lays etc.

Why China supporting Pakistan?

China is best partner nowadays of Pakistan ,reason behind is very simple. China is trying to get benefit of Pakistan land. China is working on a business corridor in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Baluchistan.
        War is never a solution and war against country who have lost in 1948, 1965,1971 and 1999. Pakistan can never understand ,so it's every indians duty to make them economically low.
Chinese business depends a lot on India.
So boycott of Chinese company can effect them, and there economy.
Indian kabaddi team will be on action today again after historical win over Argentina. After lose against Republic of Korea, Indian team is in there best form and they are playing to win world cup.
India have to win this match , in case India loose this match against England team with big margin ,India will be out of world cup.
Ajay Thakur  , Manjeet Chillar and Rahul chodhary will be men in action.

India will be against England kabaddi team

After loose against Republic of Korea team with two points , India have clinched successive win over Bangladesh, Australia and Argentina team.
Today India will fight against England team which doesn't look good on papers but India have to save themselves from upset.

Ajay Thakur and Rahul chodhary will be on actions

Indian kabaddi team images
India in kabaddi world cup
Everyone in India is waiting for two best friends frog jump inventor Ajay Thakur and Poster boy of Kabaddi Rahul chodhary will be in action against England team.
       Ajay Thakur showed in last two games why he is best raider in team and Rahul chodhary also showed his class in last match against Argentina team.
These two friends popularity can be seen when they enter raiding whole ground is chanting Ajay Ajay Ajay and Rahul rahul rahul .

Himachal will chant 'Ajay Ajay Ajay ' for there superstar

Everybody in Himachal watch kabaddi for there superstar Ajay Thakur. He is proud of Himachal pradesh state.
This world cup Ajay was not even in first seven , but after loose against Republic of Korea ,Indian captain and staff understand ,it's only one man who can make Indian team's way to success and that's Son of Himachal Ajay Thakur.
Today Himachal will chant for Ajay Thakur
'Ajay Ajay Ajay'.

Player to watch match against England team

Indian team is full of star players but Ajay Thakur, Rahul chodhary, Anup Kumar, Manjeet Chillar and sandeep Narval.
Manjeet Chillar is top defender of India and in top three list in top defender list.
He had two super five , so Indian team is hoping same from him.
Whereas in last match Rahul chodhary scored 11 points, and showed that he is in form now.

How match against England is important

England match is important for Indian team, in case India loose to England with high margin India will be out of world cup and Bangladesh will enter to semifinal, but this doesn't looks possible condition.
So Indian team have to win this match.