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UCO Bank Officer Found Dead in Prem Hotel, Rohru

रोहड़ू में ऑडिट करने गए एक बैंक अधिकारी होटल में मृत मिले। पुलिस ने शव को कब्जे में लेकर जांच शुरू कर दी है।
राजस्थान के अलवर निवासी सुभाष चन्द्र शर्मा यूको बैंक चंडीगढ़ में कार्यरत थे और वह ऑडिट करने के लिए चंडीगढ़ से रोहड़ू आए थे। मंगलवार रात को वह होटल प्रेम के कमरा नंबर 401 में ठहरे हुए थे।

सुबह बैंक अधिकारी होटल में मृत मिले। इस पर होटल कर्मियों ने पुलिस को सूचित किया। पुलिस ने मौके पर पहुंच कर जांच शुरू की। डीएसपी रोहड़ू अनिल शर्मा के अनुसार पुलिस मामले की चांच कर रही है। सुभाष चंद शर्मा के परिजनों को सूचित कर दिया है। परिजनों ने बताया कि सुभाष डायबिटीज के मरीज थे। पुलिस बैंक कर्मी की मौत के कारणों की जांच कर रही है। शव को पोस्टमार्टम के लिए भिजवा दिया है।
Congress party was not even able to find reasons of loss in Himachal pradesh yet but they are facing one more issue of slap fight between Dalhousie MLA, AICC secretary and senior congress leader Asha Kumari and Himachal Pradesh police constable Rajwanti. Earlier Police constable lodged FIR against member of Legislative assembly Asha kumari, and now yesterday Asha kumari also filed FIR against lady constable. This issue is not now small as everyone in state is talking about it and considering Lady constable as Lady Singham. State chief minister Jai Ram Thakur and Congress president Rahul Gandhi also comment on this issue.
Asha Kumari v/s Rajwanti(Lady Constable)

How issue started ?

This controversy started when Congress leader and MLA from Dalhousie Asha kumari slapped Lady constable Rajwanti and she also responded in same manner and slapped Asha kumari. Lady constable was on duty during Rahul Gandhi visit to Himachal Pradesh. Lady constable Rajwanti was stopping ladies to enter inside as she was ordered by her senior person.
She said in a interview that she was not aware whom she stopping. Angry MLA Asha kumari said in public Place that "Tum Janti ho,  main kaun hu ?".
Lady constable and her colleague didn't allowed anyone to enter inside. Asha kumari became angry and slapped young lady constable. In response she also slapped MLA.

I was not aware about Asha Kumari : Constable

Lady constable of Himachal pradesh police Rajwanti said she was not aware about MLA Asha kumari. She said she and her team were ordered to stop everyone to go inside as Rahul Gandhi was present inside.  She said we were ordered to stop everyone as SP and senior officer were checking passes and they were allowing only people with passes.
Rajwanti also added she was not aware about MLA Asha kumari and said I was on duty and we follow orders whatever senior orders.

FIR against each other 

Rajwanti lodged FIR in Sadar Police station on same day after this controversy and she said she was hurt with this incident and this was a real shock for her self respect. Asha Kumari lodged FIR yesterday and written in FIR, " One woman constable restrained me from entering the Congress Bhawan yesterday. She slapped me repeatedly and threatened me of dire consequences,” wrote Asha in her complaint lodged. She further went on to add that the cop hurled abuses at her and also used filthy language". After this whole controversy lady constable said she is getting threat from unknown caller regarding this matter but she will not back-step as her self respect is broken with this incident.

Important Statements on this controversy

  • Rahul Gandhi 
Rahul gandhi on same day of controversy said that he is very hurted with this incident. He said clearly that he is hurted with behavior of Asha kumari. Rahul added that we are because of people and for people.
  • Jai Ram Thakur
Himachal pradesh chief minister said in delhi after this incident that culprit will be punished. He ordered for to check whole matter.

Who is Asha Kumari ?

Asha Kumari born on September 23rd,1955 at New Delhi. Her father was retired chief secretary of Madhya Pradesh. She studied at Bhopal and then married in a Royal family in Himachal Pradesh with Sh. Brijendra Singh on 19th April, 1979. 
Asha Kumari was general secretary of NSUI of MLB Girls College, Bhopal and was one of founder member of NSUI. Asha kumari won from Dalhousie seat in 2017 also. She is also AICC member and is very close to congress president Rahul Gandhi

Who is Rajwanti ?

Rajwanti is constable in Himachal Pradesh Police. She is also a boxing champion player. Rajwanti is popular player of Shimla district.
Finally after long wait Jai Ram Thakur MLA from Seraj assembly constituency takes oath at The Ridge Shimla in presence of Several big leaders like PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh etc.
There are several ministers who took oath as ministers of cabinet in Jai Ram Thakur government.
Jai Ram Thakur Himachal CM

Who is present on stage ?

Jai Ram Thakur took oath as new chief minister of Himachal Pradesh in presence of several big leaders of BJP and NDA.
Prime minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh , Health minister JP Nadda, Shanta Kumar , Prem Kumar Dhumal and several chief ministers, deputy chief ministers and former chief ministers are present on stage.

List of Ministers of Jai Ram Thakur cabinet

1. Kishan kapoor
2. Suresh Bhardwaj
3. Anil Sharma
4. Sarveen Chaudhary
5. Mahendra Singh
6. Ram Lal Markand
7. Vipin Singh Parmar
8. Virendra kanwar
9. Vikram Singh
10. Govind Singh
11. Rajiv Sehjal
These leaders took oath as new cabinet ministers . Out of these all Only Mahendra Thakur, Kishan kapoor and sarveen Chaudhary have experience of cabinet ministry before.
There are several leaders which were ignored by BJP and Jai Ram Thakur in his cabinet, some of them are leaders who were expected to get ministry some of them are former health minister Rajiv Bindal, agriculture minister Narendra Bragta and former food supplies and consumer affairs minister of Himachal Pradesh Ramesh Dhawala etc.

About New CM - Jai Ram Thakur

Jai Ram Thakur started his political life at very young age. He joined RSS and student wing of BJP, ABVP. He became Joint Secretary State ABVP in 1986. He also worked for party as Organizing Secretary in ABVP of Jammu and Kashmir in year 1989-93.
Jai Ram Thakur also served party as State Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha. Jai Ram Thakur served State BJP as Vice President  and President State Bharatiya Janta Party. He was elected to the State Legislative Assembly in 1998 from Chachiot and re-elected in 2003 and 2007. In 2012 and 2017 Jai Ram Thakur elected from Seraj Assembly Constituency.
He also fought against Pratibha singh, wife of Virbhadra singh in by-poll election but he lost from Mandi Loksabha seat.
For more Information Biography of Jai Ram Thakur 
About New Cabinet Ministers 
  • Mahendra Singh Thakur
Mahendra Singh Thakur elected continuously eighth time for assembly from Dharampur constituency. He served two times as a minister.
Suresh Bhardwaj is senior leader of BJP and elected as MLA for 4th time from Shimla urban constituency. He also served as member of Parliament. Suresh Bhardwaj started his career at college level by joining ABVP.
  • Kishan Kapoor
Kishan kapoor elected from Dharmshala constituency. He defeated Sudhir sharma of congress party. Kishan kapoor is one of the closest leader of former CM prem kumar Dhumal. This term will be his fifth as a member of legislative assembly.
  • Anil Sharma
Anil sharma is son of former telecom minister Sukh Ram and was in congress party before this election. Anil Sharma elected from Mandi constituency seat. He is father in law of salman khan's sister Arpita.
  • Sarveen Chaudhary
 Sarveen Chaudhary took oath as cabinet minister. He won from shahpur seat of Kangra district. He served as cabinet minister from 2008-2012 also under leadership of Prem kumar dhumal.
  • Ramlal Markanda
Ram Lal Markanda took swear as cabinet minister, he won for third time from Spiti. He is PH.D and elected as MLA from ST quota.
  •  Virendra Kanwar
 Virendra Kanwar elected from kutlehad constituency of Una district. He served as member of ABVP and RSS also.
  • Vipin Parmar
Vipin Parmar elected as MLA for third time and elected from Sulah constituency of Kangra district.
  •  Vikram Singh
 Vikram singh took oath as cabinet minister and he is from jaswa-pragpur seat of Kangra district. He hs been elected for third time and in year 2000 he also served as BJYM president.
  • Govind Singh Thakur
Govind thakur took oath in Sanskrit language. He won from Manali seat of Kullu manali district. Govind singh thakur elected for 3rd time from Manali. His father was also minister in Himachal pradesh government. 
  • Rajeev Saijal
Rajeev Saijal is dosctor by profession and comes from SC quota. He won from Kasauli seat and now he will serve as cabinet minister.

Himachal Pradesh elections result was over on 18th December but people were eagerly waiting for new chief minister of Hiamchali's Pradesh. Finally Jai Ram Thakur elected as chief  minister of Himachal Pradesh. There several names who were on frontrunners for post of CM. These names were JP Nadda, Anurag Thakur, Jai Ram Thakur, Rajiv Bindal and also Suresh Bhardwaj. But leaving all behind MLA from Mandi District and thakur face of Himachal Pradesh Jai Ram Thakur become chief minister.
Jai Ram Thakur Himachal CM

Twist after win ?

In Himachal Pradesh twist came after defeat of BJP CM Candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal. Prem Kumar Dhumal was declared as chief minister Candidate by BJP president Amit Shah. But he lost from Sujanpur seat where he was against Rajinder Rana of congress party.
After him there was Satpal Satti who also loose against his rival from Una constituency. This was shock for Bhartiya Janta party as they win 44 seats in buy lost seat of their own CM Candidate.

Drama over, Jai Ram Thakur CM

After drama of one full week, riddle of Chief minister in state has been solved. Narendra Singh Tomar of BJP told media that ,Jai Ram Thakur will be chief minister of Himachal Pradesh . He said Prem Kumar Dhumal proposed name of Jai Ram Thakur whereas Shanta kumar and JP Nadda agreed on that.
Jai Ram Thakur was first choice after defeat of Prem Kumar Dhumal as he has ministry experience and this is his fifth term as a member of legislative assembly.

Why Jai Ram Thakur ?

There is a strategy behind name selection of Jai Ram Thakur as chief minister. He belongs to Thakur community . In Himachal Pradesh Thakur community is in majority whereas JP Nadda is brahmin. Party wants to influence more voters of Thakur community.

We will work for people of Himachal : Jai Ram Thakur

New elected chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, Jai ram Thakur said people of Himachal Pradesh was eagerly waiting for BJP government as we will work for expectations of people. He thanked Narendra Tomar, Nirmala sitaraman, Shanta Kumar, Hemant Pandey, Prem Kumar Dhumal and all MLA's for trusting him. He also thanked  PM Narendra Modi and Party president Amit Shah.

Interesting things to know

- Himachal BJP is divided in two groups.
- One is Dhumal group and other is Shanta Kumar and JP Nadda group.
- When BJP and Dhumal was in power they influenced all major decision in state as Satpal Satti BJP state president is because of Prem Kumar Dhumal.
- This time JP Nadda was in power and he has good relation with Amit Shah , so he planned everything smartly and Prem Kumar Dhumal lost his seat.
- Jai Ram Thakur is also from JP Nadda group and Sources said JP Nadda was main factor in deciding his name for chief minister.
Himachal pradesh elections became interesting when some big leaders of BJP and Congress lost from their constituencies. BJP got big surprise as chief ministerial candidate of BJP Prem Kumar Dhumal lost his seat from Sujanpur seat.It was very known that sujanpur seat will not be easy for him as he used to fight from Hamirpur seat. But this time BJP changes candidates and asked PK dhumal to fight from Sujanpur seat.
Here are some big leader of both parties BJP and Congress who faces upset in Himachal Pradesh election reults 2017.
Big BJP-Congress leader Defeated

1. Prem kumar Dhumal

BJP chief minister candidate and two times Himachal pradesh chief minister Prem kumar Dhumal lost his seat in elections. He lost from Rajinder Rana by margin of around 3000 votes. Prem kumar dhumal was aware that this seat will not be easy for him as he used to fight from Hamirpur seat.

2. Satpal Satti

BJP state president Satpal Satti lost his seat from Una constituency as he lost from a 10th pass congress candidate Satpal singh Raizada. Satpal satti also lost by a margin of around 3000 votes. Satpal singh Raizada got more than 31,300 votes whereas Satpal satti got around 28,100 votes.

3. GS Bali

GS bali former Transport minister and former MLA from Nagrota constituency also lost his election as Arun kumar of Bhartiya janta party won by a small margin of around 600 votes. GS Bali is big leader of himachal pradesh , as at one time he was in CM candidate race from congress party. So this can be called as big upset.

4. Kaul Singh Thakur

Kaul singh thakur and former minister of congress party lost election from darang seat. Jawahar thakur of Bhartiya Janta party defeated former minister by more than 7000 votes. Kaul singh thakur got only 24851 votes whereas Jawahar thakur got 31392 votes.

5. Gulab SIngh Thakur

BJP senior leader and relative of Congress party leader Kaul singh thakur, Gulab singh thakur also lost from his Jigindernagar constituency by a big margin like Kaul singh thakur. Gulab Singh Thakur won by a margin of around 9000 votes. Prakash Rana of BJP defeated Gulab singh thakur. Prakash Rana got around 27887 votes.

6. Maheshwar Singh

King of kullu and former MP Maheshwar singh was biggest upset of this election as he lost election from Congress leader Sunder singh thakur by a small margin of around 2000 votes. Sunder singh thakur got around 31423 votes whereas Maheshwar singh got around 29885 votes.

7. Sudhir Sharma

Sudhir sharma a young dynamic leader of Dharamshala and most loyal leader of Virbhadra singh and congress party. He was considered as most safe in this seat. After earlier lead sudhir sharma lost from BJP leader kishan kapoor. Kishan kapoor defeated Sudhir sharma by a margin of around 3000 votes. Kishan kapoor of BJP got around 26050 votes, whereas Sudhir sharma got around 23053 votes.

8. Champa Thakur

Daughter of Kaul Singh thakur Champa thakur also lost his Mandi seat. She lost from former congress leader Anil sharma. Anil sharma is son of former congress leader Sukh ram and both son and father joined BJP spme time ago. Anil sharma got votes around 31282 votes whereas champa thakur got only 21025 votes.

9. Rajesh Dharmani 

Rajesh Dharmani and two times congress leader Rajesh Dharmani also lost election from Ghumarwin seat. He lost election against Rajinder Garg of Bhartiya Janta Party. Rajinder Garg got vote around 30009 whereas Rajesh dharmani got only 21561 votes.

10. Rohit Thakur

Former MLA and grandson of former chief minister Thakur Ram lal lost election from senior BJP leader Narendra Bragta by a margin of around 1000 votes only. Narendra Bragta got only 27466 votes whereas Rohit thakur got only 26404 votes.

With these results of elections 2017 in Himachal Pradesh it can be said that People can upset anyone. No matter how big or small leader.
Every name consist a story behind its name, similarly 12 districts of Devbhoomi carry story behind its name. District's name is linked with history of Himachal Pradesh and Devbhoomi. Here's story behind name of Districts of Himachal Pradesh, in this post.
District names & story Behind it
Know about Himachal Pradesh First

#Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is a state with 55,673 km square area(21,495 sq m) situated in North-India, which is 18th state in India union.'Himachal' name is taken from two Hindi words,'Him' and 'Anchal' Which means Lap of Himalyas. Himachal Pradesh is part of Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is also known as 'Dev Bhoomi' which means 'Land of God and goddess'.
Himachal Pradesh is most peaceful and beautiful state in India, and is famous for its natural beauty. Shimla is District of Himachal Pradesh.
Himachal Pradesh is divided in 12 Districts.
These 12 Districts are given below
Lahaul and Spiti

Story Behind names of these 12 districts is given below

1. Chamba

Chamba District was founded in year 920 AD. There was a king of Chamba Raja Sahil Varman. His daughter's name was Champavati. Sahil Burman named district on his daughter's name.

2. Lahaul & Spiti

Lahaul spiti biggest district of Himachal Pradesh in terms of Area and smallest district in terms of Population comprises of two names Lahaul and Spiti.
The district comprises of two mountain area one is Lahaul & other is Spiti.
So lahaul spiti got its name on the name of these two tracts.

3. Hamirpur

Hamirpur is smallest district of Himachal Pradesh with an area around 1118 km square. Hamirpur named on king Raja Hamir Chand.

4. Solan

Solan is one of the district known for Mushrooms and called as "Mushroom City" of Himachal Pradesh. Solan got its name as 'Solan' on the name of Hindu Goddess Devi Shoolini. Shoolini devi is worshiped in Solan and there are several of Devotees of Shoolini devi.

5. Mandi

Mandi District is second most populated district of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi is also known as "Choti Kashi" of Himachal Pradesh.
Mandi was known as "Mandav Nagar" on the name of Great Rishi 'Mandav'. Rishi Mandav prayed in this area, and the rocks turned black due to the severity of his penance. Alternatively , the name may have been derived from common word Mandi which means Market.

6. Bilaspur

Bilaspur is second smallest district in terms of area. Bilaspur traces its origin from Rishi Vyas. Earlier Bilaspur was known as Vyaspur.

7. Una Disrict

Una district which was earlier known as Jaswan Dun was founded in 1170 by King Purab Chand(Katoch Family of Kangra).

8. Sirmaur

Sirmaur are quite a few Sunrises. Sirmaur derived its name as sirmaur being senior among-st the princely hill states.

9. Kangra

Kangra District is most populated sitrict of Himachal Pradesh. Ancient name of Kangra District as Bhimanagar founded by Pandavs. Bhimanagar was named on name of Bhima.
Whereas Kangra got its name from words made of Kaan(Ear) and Gaddha(Create) which means famous ancient Plastic surgeons of region known for Plastic surgery of Royal Families.

10. Kinnaur 

Kinnaur District is third biggest district of Himachal Pradesh. Kinnaur was formed in year 1960 and derived its name from word 'Kinner'. The natives of HP are traditionally referred to as Kinners.

11. Shimla

Capital of Himachal Pradesh and queen of Hills Shimla got its name on the name of Hindu Goddess Shyamla Devi.

12. Kullu

One of the Most beautiful district of Himachal Pradesh. There are other evidences in history and literature that confirm that the name of this part was 'kalut' and the letter 'T' was eventually dropped from the name with the time. Thus this place got its present name Kullu.
Hope you like our post about story of name of Disricts. Don't forget to share post.

BJP and Congress party both are preparing for Gujrat election after Himachal Pradesh election where voting completed on 9th of November. Before that Bhartiya Janta Party lost in by-poll Election in Chitrakoot of Satna District of Madhya Pradesh.
BJP candidate Shankar Dayal Tripathi lost election by margin of around 14000 votes. Congress win and BJP defeat is not a big thing but no media channels are showing this news on their channels is a big thing.
Jyotiraditya Sindhiya

No news on TV Channels

Most of News channels like India TV, India News, Aaj Tak and many more are not showing this news before Gujrat elections. NDTV news and some more newspaper highlighted news as they are called as Anti-BJP channels.
Reason : Reason of this can be said as these Pro BJP -News channels does not want to show defeat of BJP before election as it will show Anti behaviour of people in country against BJP. After Good support to congress party in Himachal Pradesh , congress party is expecting good performance in Gujrat also.

Why Chitrakoot was important ???

Chitrakoot seat lose becomes difficult to digest for BJP as ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and BJP leaders in Madhya Pradesh worked hard for this seat.
Chitrakoot seat was vaccant after death of congress leader Prem Sigh, who was member of Legislative assembly from last three times from Chitrakoot.
ShivRaj Singh Chauhan and his party tried best to win this seat but failed.
Here's the total votes to both parties with margin of defeat
  • INC : 66810
  • BJP : 52477
  • Margin : 14333
ShivRaj Singh and more than dozen ministers rallied more than 60 times in this area and even UP vice chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya also campaigned this place but people of Chitrakoot rejected BJP completely for the fourth time.

BJP after defeat
- BJP state president Nand Kumar said that defeat in Chitrakoot doesn't show mood of Madhya Pradesh.

Congress Party
- Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh said, people have voted against fake promises of ShivRaj Singh Chauhan. ShivRaj Singh Chauhan promised a lot in last 13 years but doesn't fulfil even one.
- Congress state president said this is a historical win of congress party and this will help congress party to fight as a unit.
- Congress MP and former minister Jyotiraditya Sindhiya thanked people as said people of MP have decided to remove BJP from rule, and Chitrakoot is just a begining.
People of Madhya Pradesh are supporting for there favourite leaders and this time a supporter commented for Jyotiraditya Sindhiya.
Congress and BJP are very active on social media thesedays as they are aware a high percentage of a population in Himachal Pradesh is youth. BJP is questioning five years of Virbhadra Singh with campaign named as #HisaabMaangeHimachal, whereas congress party is answering with campaign named as #JawabDegaHimachal. Here we will tell you how much effect these two campaigns are doing on youth and people of Himachal Pradesh. 
Congress v/s BJP on social media

1. #Hisaab Maange Himachal

Himachal Pradesh BJP started this campaign against congress party and as name suggests , it is about questioning of five years work of congress party and Virbhadra Singh government.
Hisaab maange Himachal is on different social media platforms, but as mostly Hiamchali's are on Facebook, So Facebook page is regularly updated.

Performance of Campaign

Facebook page : 1.58 Lacs Likes
Twitter Account : 422 Followers
YouTube Channel : 3K Subscribers

Facebook Page of BJP Social media campaign have good likes and it is around more than 1.57 Lacs . But reviews are not so good and score is 3.9. Which is not good at all. 
BJP is promoting themselves in campaign by telling people about achievements of central government and blaming 5 years work of Virbhadra Singh government.
     After declaring Prem Kumar dhumal as CM Candidate of BJP, whole campaign shifted from JP Nadda and central government to Prem Kumar dhumal. 
There are many videos made and uploaded on YouTube also which shows bad condition in congress ruled constituencies. But people have to understand whether they are talking with common people of constituency or just party local leaders and volunteers.

2. #Jawab Dega Himachal

Performance of Campaign

Facebook page :  88 K Likes 
Twitter Account :  26.1 K Followers
In response to BJP campaign #JawabMaangeHimachal, Himachal Pradesh congress party started campaign named #JawabDegaHimachal. Which suggest clearly mean, People of Himachal will answer questions that BJP are asking.
Himachal Pradesh congress shows with there campaign that BJP failed at central government level as well as previous Dhumal government. Virbhadra Singh is only the main face in whole campaign as congress party is fighting election on name of Raja Virbhadra Singh. In Virbhadra Singh focus is on upper and lower Himachal Pradesh both , but in images of BJP (#HisaabMaangeHiamchal) only red topis which signifies lower Himachal from where dhumal belongs can be seen.

CM candidates

Earlier it was not not clear in BJP who will be chief ministerial candidate for elections but BJP president declared Prem Kumar Dhumal as chief minister candidate and congress is playing will Ace card Virbhadra Singh as they have no more options.
Congress is pretty confident about victory as CM Virbhadra Singh is ready to become 7th time chief minister in age of 83.
According to some surveys Virbhadra Singh is much popular candidate for Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, whereas health minister JP Nadda is on second position.
Some important links 

Both parties are active on social media and trying to convince people of Hiamchali's Pradesh. But mood of people will come on 9th November on voting machines, and 18th on TV screens.

14th Gujrat Vidhan Sabha elections will be held in November of 2017 just after Himachal Pradesh elections. Bhartiya Janta Party is ruling state from last 15 years. But this is first time in fifteen years when situation is becoming difficult for BJP in state as three young leaders with Congress yuvraj Rahul Gandhi.
1. Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel is one of the most popular young Patel community leader fighting for reservation in Gujrat. Hardik Patel became a big Patel leader after 2015. Gujrat government tried their best to stop his reservation movement but was not successful.
There is just 12% vote share of Patel Community in Gujrat but for BJP this 12% is very important. Hardik Patel is key leader in upcoming elections, BJP is continuously working to get support of Patel Community but unable to impress Hardik Patel.
Hardik Patel is not going in congress party but regularly contacting with Congress party and Rahul Gandhi to influence in upcoming elections and to make things difficult for Bhartiya Janta Party.
2. Jignesh Mevani
Jignesh Mevani is another young leader of Gujrat. Jignesh Mevani is social activist and lawyer.
He work for organisation 'Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch'. He has led campaign by Dalits, considered 'lower castes' in the Indian caste hierarchy in Gujrat.
In a movement named as 'Aazadi kooch aandolan' he was able to join Dalits/lower caste people as well as Muslims.
He blamed BJP for bad condition of Dalits in state Gujrat.
Mevani clearly said he will not join congress in upcoming elections but he wants to let BJP down in 2017 Gujrat VidhanSabha elections.
In Gujrat population of Dalit votes is around 7 percent and every vote will be very important in upcoming elections and Jignesh can create problems for BJP.
3. Alpesh Thakor
Alpesh Thakur is considered one of the biggest OBC leader in Gujrat. He had become one of the best young leader of Schedule caste, schedule Tribe and other backward classes in state.
He had fought continuosly for rights of backward classes and minorities. He blamed BJP for bad condition of minorities in state and blamed Bhartiya Janta party for no action against bad condition.
He recently joined congress party and said 25 lakhs people said him to join. Congress party.
  These three leaders will make a difference in upcoming elections , and will be interesting to show how they can stop Modi wave in state where Vikas (Development) is always on priority rather than local issues or community issues.
Paonta Sahib Vidhan Sabha seat in upcoming elections of 2017 going to be very interesting as Leaders like Sukh Ram of BJP & Kirnesh Jung as independent Candidate will be fighting each other. But there is new entry in competition , it's young dynamic , leader Manish Thakur of congress party.
In last election it was just independent Candidate and Sukh Ram of Bhartiya Janta party. Whereas congress leader Sardar Onkar Singh was unable to show his impact.
This time Indian Congress party can focus of new Candidate, and National General Secretary of Indian youth Congress.
He belongs to Rohru Tehsil of Shimla District, Himachal Pradesh. He supported party at student level as well as working at national level.
Paonta-Sahib Vidhan Sabha Seat

Who will win from Paonta Sahib seat ?

About Manish Thakur

Name : Manish Thakur
Political Party : Congress
General secretary : Indian Youth Congress
Incharge : Rajasthan & Uttrakhand
Email :
Address : Tehsil Rohru , District Shimla H.P.
Manish Thakur is currently working as Indian Youth Congress incharge in non-congress government states like Uttrakhand and Rajasthan. Manish Thakur has good impact in youth and in college students he is very popular leader. In upcoming elections Thakur will be big challenge for senior leaders like Sukh Ram from BJP and current MLA Kirnesh Jung.

Sukh Ram

Sukh Ram is Bhartiya Janta Party leader in Himachal Pradesh. Sukh Ram was elected as member of Legislative assembly . He defeated current MLA Kirnesh Jung by margin of around 5000 votes.
Sukh Ram was elected as member of legislative assembly in year 2007 from Paonta Vidhan Sabha seat, but lost in year 2012 from his opponent Kirnesh Jung.
About Sukh Ram
Name : Sukh Ram
Political Party : BJP
Former MLA : Paonta Sahib
S/O : Sh. Tulsi Ram
Address : Village Amargarh, P.O. Puruwala, Paonta Sahib.

Kirnesh Jung

Kirnesh Jung is currently member of Legislative assembly from Paonta Sahib constituency.
He won against his competitor Sukh Ram in 2012 election and beat him with margin of around 2000 votes.
He is currently MLA of Paonta Sahib constituency. He served as BDC, member, General secretary of district congress committee Sirmour and secretary of  Pradesh congress committee.
About Kirnesh Jung
Name : Kirnesh Jung
Political Party : Independent
S/O : Sh. Navdeep Singh
Address : village Gangnwala, Tehsil Paonta Sahib.
Email :

     This will be a difficult prediction who will be candidate in Paonta Sahib . Will congress Party go with young national youth leader Manish Thakur or with any other leader. But it will not be easy for both Kirnesh or Sukh Ram , because this time it may be three way election in which all candidates will be strong candidates.
According to social media and ground reality If Manish Thakur will get ticket from this area, it will be a big challenge for Sukh Ram of BJP and current MLA Kirnesh Jung to stop him, as he is ready to make history in his first Vidhan Sabha Election.
Whereas Kirnesh will focus on his work , and will go with his report card in upcoming election. 
For Sukh Ram it will be a challenge but if PM Modi Factor and wave of BJP blows in this area than he will also be a strong contender. 
Please don't forget to comment your favorite candidate name below in comment box for this vidhan sabha seat.
Sarkaghat seat is on target of two congress leaders in upcoming HP Vidhan Sabha elections -2017 , one side it's dynamic youth leader, Former president of HP NSUI, Yadopati Thakur and other side 7 times member of Legislative assembly and former congress minister Rangeela Ram Rao.
It will be interesting to see , how congress go in this election , with new face of Yadopati Thakur or with former minister, senior congress leader and seven time member of legislative assembly Rangeela Ram Rao.
Yadopati v/s Rangeela Ram Rao

Yadopati Thakur

Yadopati Thakur is young leader of Congress party and one of the closest leader to Virbhadra Singh and Vikramditya Singh bushehr.
- Yadopati Thakur is former president of Himachal Pradesh NSUI.
- Yadopati Thakur is currently general secretary of state youth Congress.
- Thakur is also national deligate of Indian national Congress.
Yadopati Thakur on social media
Facebook : Yadopati.thakur
Twitter : @yadopatithakur
Instagram : @yadopati_thakur

Rangeela Ram Rao

Rangeela Ram Rao is one of the most Senior leader in State congress . He served state as state minister for Excise and Taxation, health and agriculture.
He born on April 3rd 1946 in Gopalpur, Mandi district Himachal Pradesh.
- Vice president of Himachal Pradesh congress committee.
- Member of co-ordination of HP congress & planning commission.
- Served as Chief Parliamentary secretary of PWD and health.
- In 1993 he was appointed as Cabinet minister for industries , law and parliamentary affairs.
- Awarded with "Bharat Jyoti Award" in 2006.
- Seven time member of legislative assembly.

Positive and Negative Points of Yadopati

- Yadopati Thakur is young leader and have good relation with Vikramditya and Chief minister Virbhadra Singh.
- Yadopati Thakur is a youth leader so majority of youth votes are with him.
- According to Vikramditya Singh congress party going to give tickets to young leaders, so Yadopati fits in that.
- Rangeela Ram Rao lost back to back two elections, So his possibility is quite high.
- Congress supporters are looking for change in leadership, So Yadopati can get congress nomination for Sarkaghat Vidhansabha seat.
* One big thing which is against Yadopati is lack of Experience.
* Rangeela Ram Rao is one of the most senior leader and 7 time Member of Legislative Assembly.

Positive and Negative Points of Rangeela Ram Rao

- Rangeela Ram Rao is senior most leader of Congress party.
- He served as state cabinet minister for many times.
- Rangeela Ram Rao have his own vote bank, and currently vice-president president of State congress committee.
* If Party goes with youth candidates than he have to leave his seat.
* He is loosing since 2002, so party can go with young leader Yadopati.
Whoever will be nominated from congress party for this seat , will have to fight his own party member as well as BJP candidate Inder Singh. Inder Singh member of Legislative assembly of BJP will be trying to win in upcoming elections also.

Inder Singh

Inder singh is currently MLA from Sarkaghat seat. He is in Bhartiya Janta Party and from Village Nagravin of Tehsil Sarkaghat.
He born in year 1944. He is M. tech from  IIT Delhi and retired from post of Radar Engineer.
Inder Singh won by margin of around 2000 votes in 2012 elections .
Himachal Pradesh is called as Dev Bhoomi but it is land of some dynamic leaders. There are several youth leaders in Himachal Politics. In coming Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections these leaders will try to their caliber and charisma.
Young leaders in Himachal belongs to small villages, towns as well as poor family and some are from political dynasty. So here is detail information about these top dynamic leaders of H.P.
  • Anurag Thakur;
Anurag Thakur is well known politician all over India as well as in World. He is son of Former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, Prem Kumar Dhumal. Anurag Thakur started his career in cricket but soon he moved towards politics and joined his father and BJP and became Member of Parliament. He was elected third time MP in year 2014. 
He was also President of BCCI, Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha and also HPCA.Anuarg is considered as one of the best young leader in Country. Being as good speaker ,several times he has been seen talking on trending issues.

Young Brigade of Himachal Politics
  • Vikramaditya Singh Bushahr 
Vikramaditya Singh Bushahr is Yuvraj of Himachal Pradesh congress. He got potitics from his father, and he is now active politician. Vikramaditya born in year 1989 and studied in Bishop Cotton School. Later he passed his BA from Hans Raj College, Delhi University.
In Upcoming assembly elections its definite that vikramaditya will fight from any constituency.

  • Sudhir Sharma
State urban development & Country Planning minister Sudhir Sharma is also one of the popular leader of himachal politics and his age is still 45 years. Sudhir Sharma belongs to Dharamshala constituency and first time he was elected as member of legislative assembly from Baijnath constituency.
  • Rohit Thakur
One of the best congress youth leader in himachal pradesh is Rohit Thakur from Jubbal Kothkhai constituency . Being a grandson of Former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Sh. Ram Lal Thakur, Rohit Thakur started his political career from root level and fought against senior leader of BJP, Sh. Narendra Bragta from Jubbal Kothkhai constituency. He won election and was elected as chief parliamentary secretary  in Virbhadra Singh government.
  • Manish Thakur
Manish Thakur is one of the leader of congress party who have represented congress party at national level as he is secretary of Indian National Youth Congress. He belongs to Rohru constituency from where CM virbhadra singh was elected several times. Manish Thakur started his political career from base level of school and college. In this coming election of state, surely he will fight from any constituency, perhaps paonta sahib as he is working from last many months in this area.
  •  Satpal Satti
Young leader of BJP and state BJP president Satpal satti is only 53 years old and belongs to Una constituency. In last elections he won only with a margin of around 4000. He is good speaker and one of the best young leader after Anurag Thakur in Himachal Pradesh Bhartiya Janta Party.
  • JP Nadda
Expected CM Candidate of BJP Jagat Prakash Nadda is currently health minister in Modi Government and is expected soon he will come in state politics because of his good image. He was first time elected for HP assembly in year 1993 and 1998. He is one of the big competitor for PK Dhumal for Chief minister candidate. JP nadda is only 56 years old and one of the top leader of BJP in state as well as in central government.

  • Yadopati Thakur
Yadopati Thakur is also young NSUI & congress leader of himachal pradesh who is looking to show his presence in upcoming elections of HP Assembly 2017. Yadopati Thakur is member of Indian National congress and former president of state NSUI. He belongs to Sarkaghat, Mandi District. Yadopati is main member of Vikramaditya's team in state and it is expected , this time he will be candidate of congress party from his own constituency. 

This will be interesting to see how these politicians will work for their party and themselves in coming elections. Special focus will be on Vikrmaditya & Manish Thakur as they will be facing election at big level for the first time. Whereas for Rohit thakur it will be difficult task to stop Narendra Bragta this time. 

Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections 2017 is in interesting phase as both congress and BJP are trying to make balance within party as both parties are looking to avoid party infighting.
State Bhartiya Janta Party done with their internal surveys, so they have decided to be in wait and watch policy. As BJP is not ready to reveal list of candidates in state.
According to sources BJP is witing for the time of code of conduct in state and they are hoping to capture Congressman after infighting in state government.
Central parliamentry committee will take final decision on candidates for assembly elections in 2017.

No CM Candidate before election : BJP

BJP is looking to go with same formula as they did in previous elections like Maharashtra, Assam, Haryana and Jharkhand etc. where CM was elected after election.
JP Nadda & Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal are main contenders for Chief minister candidate post of BJP. So BJP is not in mood to give chance of infighting.
Nadda remains Shah’s favorite for the CM’s post, but party’s leadership fear that the transition may not be as smooth as they want it to be.
Prem Kumar Dhumal & his son Anurag Thakur are main competitor of Jagat Prakash Nadda in state for Chief ministerial candidate post.
हिसाब मांगे हिमाचल

Central BJP not in mood to reveal final list

State BJP is waiting for final list but according to central policy BJP is not ready to finalize list as they are fear of fight within party as there are more than 4-5 candidates on each assembly seat. BJP is not going to do same mistake what they did in 2012 when they finalise ist before code of conduct and lost election.
This time Bhartiya Janta Party have marked constituencies where party infighting can take place.

Election campaign is main priority : Satpal Satti

Himachal Pradesh BJP President Satpal Satti said process of candidates selection have own procedure, and after that candidates will be declared. He said central parliamentary committee will decide names but election campaign is more important.

Hisab Mange Himachal

From 12th September Himachal BJP is going to launch campaign against State government and Campaign is named as Hisab Mange Himachal.  To ensure the reach of this campaign to maximum voters, the party would be using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Four central leaders will do press conference between 12 to 20 September.
Satpal Satti, State BJP President said that  a massive campaign will be launched against state government to spread message of campaign.
Arvind Kejriwal chief minister of Capital of India, Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal made his party AAP party after Anna Movement against Corruption and in support of Lokpal bill. Arvind Kejriwal and his party founder members went on different route and created party named Aam Aadmi Party which was expected a true, gentleman politicians and common people but now AAP leaders and Arvind kejriwal is known for false promises and lie against all parties and many issues. There is long list of such lie and false promises, some of them are mentioned below. But before that know about AAP party.
AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)
AAP party ruling party in Delhi and opposition party in Punjab was founded in year 2012 after Anna Movement against Corruption and Jan Lokpal bill. Aam Aadmi Party have student wing , youth wing , women and Labour wing. Aam addmi party and Arvind kejriwal came in power with a big majority in Delhi with 67 seats out of 70 on ideology of Anti-corruption , Democratic socialism and Populism. But AAP party have done everything opposite to that in many cases , even founder members of AAP party , Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav were thrown out of party.

Big Lies and False promises of Kejriwal and AAP

There are many but some of the top 'Jhuthe Vaade' of Arvind kejriwal and Aam aadmi party are given below.
1. No action against Sheela Dikshit
Aam Aadmi Party came in power with many promises and one of them was action against former chief minister Sheela Dikshit as kejriwal said before election that Sheela dikshit and congress party was involved in corruption cases but no action was taken against any leader specially Sheela Dikshit till now.
2. I will not take any government facilities
Kejriwal who tries to be iconic leader before Delhi Election and promised people of Delhi that he will not take any kind of government facilities such as car, bungalow, security etc. But today he had more facilities than normal chief minister.
3. Delhi will get status of 'State'
Arvind Kejriwal did not loose anything to capture votes of Delhi people and in this , he promised people of Delhi that he will make Delhi as state , but being so educated he was aware that this issue is not in his hand as a chief minister , it is issue of central government and Loksabha.
4. AAP party is party of common people 
Arvind Kejriwal said in his rallies before Delhi Election and Punjab Elections that this party is party of non criminal , and common people but most of leaders of Aam Aadmi Party are businessman and wealth in crore. There are several leaders who are indulge in many criminal activities, even law minister of Delhi got jailed for fake degree case.
5. I will not support and take support of any party
Being a second number party in Delhi during 49 days of rule of Arvind Kejriwal took support of Indian national Congress. But before elections kejriwal said that he will not take support of any party, even he sweated of his children. But he did not stand with this also.
Being biggest party , BJP did not ask to make Government.
6. Batla House and Ishrat encounter was fake 
Delhi chief minister Arvind kejriwal said to Muslim community that Batla House encounter and Ishrat Jnha encounter were fake , but before his fake statement High court declared them as terrorists of Indian Mujahidin.
7. I am against VIP culture 
Arvind Kejriwal and his party leaders always said that they are against VIP culture , but kejriwal have got all VIP facilities , and protected under 'Z' level security. Punjab Amrinder singh government and Yogi government of UP have stopped VIP culture without spreading lie.
8. Modi degree is fake 
Arvind Kejriwal and his party spread lie against Prime Minister Narendra modi's fake degree but BJP leaders showed original degree , still Aam Aadmi Party are not ready to believe status of degree true, as they want to believe what they want.
9. PMO insulted Chief minister's and did not allowed cellphone
Arvind Kejriwal said after 11 inter state meeting that PMO did not allow some chief minister's cellphone to enter inside, but truth is that no cellphone is allowed inside Prime minister office.
10. Judge's transfer is killing of judiciary by Modi government
Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party mislead people by telling that Modi government is killing judiciary by transferring Judges , but when Supreme court former judge enquire whole issue he found that judge himself asked for transfer due to health issues.

Comment in comment box if you know any lie of any political party or leader.
Chief minister Virbhadra Singh and his government announced in meeting before April first that there will be no interview for Class-III and class-IV workers. Government announced that there will be only written test for class III and IV now for both this Categories.
5000 teachers will be recruited in Himachal Pradesh
Yesterday state ministers in meeting decided that thousands of PAT and PARA teachers will get regular scale now. They also decided that 5000 posts of teachers will be filled including 3900 posts of THAT and C and V. Government also asked to resume land on lease to Swami Ramdev near SadhuPul in Himachal Pradesh . This land was given on release after withdrawn of petition of Swami Ramdev in High court.
Meeting of ministers and officers in shimla was headed by Chief minister Virbhadra Singh late-night .Several announcements were taken in meeting.Some of them are given below.
Some decisions taken in meeting are
- Virbhadra Singh government decided that liquor shops that did not had auction will go to bewerage corporation.
Government also confirmed to review HPFS cadre.
- In other decision government stated that Officers in Forest department will be reduced in 160 cadre. In forest department there will be more officers and also confirmed to fill some posts, These posts are 13 ETO in Excise department, 13 ETI , and some posts at DTC and ATC level.
- Virbhadra Singh is always more focused about temples in himachal as he believes lot in God, in this way government confirmed renovation of Chamunda Devi temple located in Kangra. Chamunda Devi temple will be renovated with amount of around 6 crore rupees . Temple will be renovated by help of ADB
- State government is going to gift Lacs of Dipo shop users with announcements. State government will provide 7 pulses to Dipo shops. In this users can take 3 pulses of their choices . Till now there were only three kind of pulses.
- Other than this Consumers will be provided Atta , this will be for some Categories like BPL and some more. It will be in 10 kg packing.
In 5 states election results BJP won in Uttar-Pradesh and Uttrakhand with a big majority and congress in Punjab whereas in Manipur and Goa assembly in hung state. Congress is biggest single party in both hung assembly states out of five states .Samajwadi party and congress in Uttar-Pradesh as well as Congress party in Uttrakhand could not fight and lost with a big margin. In other states results congress party won in Punjab with a big majority and Anti-incumbency against Badal government. But now Question arises who was reason of this landslide victory of BJP in Uttar-Pradesh and Uttrakhand? 

BJP won because of Narendra Modi or Party ?

After results many political analyst are talking on this question as after November 26,2014 when Modi took oath as a prime minister , BJP won in every state where Modi was face of BJP. BJP lost in just two states Delhi and Bihar where magic of BJP and Modi failed.
BJP won in Maharashtra , Jharkhand, Haryana, Assam. Important thing in results is Bhartiya Janta Party came in power after leadership of modi in states where party was in third place or non-existing party. Specially in East states assam , Maharashtra , Uttar-Pradesh , Haryana and Jharkhand.
Bihar Election was the only Election where BJP did not project any CM candidate and lost.

Final Results of five states

Uttar-pradesh election results -2017(403 seats)
BJP - 326
SP+Congress - 54
BSP - 19
Others - 4
Punjab election results -2017 (117 seats)
Congress - 77
AAP - 20
SAD + BJP - 18
Others - 2
* Uttrakhand election results -2017 (70 seats)
BJP - 57
Congress - 11
Others - 4
Goa election results -2017 (40 seats )
Congress - 17
BJP - 13
Others - 10
Manipur election results -2017 (60 seats )
Congress - 26
BJP - 22
Others - 11

How UP and Uttrakhand results will effect National politics and changes ?

Uttar-Pradesh was like semifinal before 2019 election and this will effect in mindset and strategy of central government and biggest party of world Bhartiya Janta Party in big way.
Some big changes after UP results are following
- Modi has become a biggest brand in politics as well as growing his image as a world leader.
- BJP will get majority in Rajya Sabha after election results.
- BJP will get enough majority for upcoming Presidential elections.
- Biggest referandom in favour of BJP on 'Demonetization'.
- BJP proved that way to win in elections is simply good governance and development.
- With these results in state politics , power of regional parties have decreased rapidly.
- BJP is saying this result as votes against AntiNational activity supporter parties as well as against those who questioned 'Surgical Strike' across borders.
- BJP is saying this win as result of good governance, Leadership and work they did in last two and half years.

Big leaders who lost in elections -2017

In five states election which politics pandit consider it as semi final before 2019 elections. There were several big leaders in all five states who lost their seats .Some of them are here below.
1. Uttrakhand chief minister and Congress leader Harish Rawat lost his both seats in Uttrakhand. One seat from haridwar rural and kichha seat.
2. Goa CM and BJP leader Lakshmikant Parsekar lost his seat. He was elected CM after former CM Pariker was given central ministry.
3. Gayatri Prajapati of SP lost his election from amethi , he lost election from Garima Singh of BJP.
4. Sharmila Irom lost her seat against chief minister Ibobi Singh.
5. Ajay Rai of congress party lost his seat , he was 5 time MLA of congress and fought against Modi during 2014 Loksabha elections.
6. Amrinder singh lost his seat from Laambi against Prakash Singh Badal but he won from Patiala seat.

Political reactions and Statements after results

- Modi congratulated Captain Amrinder singh and also wished him birthday. He also thanked people for big majority in UP and Uttrakhand.
- Rahul Gandhi tweeted and congratulated BJP for landsliding victory.
- Modi thanked in reply to Rahul Gandhi and said 'Long Live Democracy'.
- Harish Rawat called his loss as Modi Kranti and magic of EVM machines.
- Mayawati and Akhilesh yadav questioned EVM machines for landsliding victory of Bhartiya Janta Party.
- Akhilesh Yadav said perhaps people of Uttar-Pradesh did not liked express-way and they have voted for Bullet train.
Virbhadra Singh chief minister of Himachal Pradesh presented 2017-18 budget of state and this was record 20th budget of CM Virbhadra Singh. He said in Shayrana way "Mera ye andaaz jamane ko khalta hai, itni mushkil sehkar bhi ye seedhe Kaise chalta hai "
In budget for 2017-18 chief minister focussed mainly on unemployed people of Himachal Pradesh as well as farmers of state. Chief minister said Agriculture is back bone of state and his government's aim is just good governance.
He announced many new policies and some of the main announcements are given here below.

Main announcements of Budget 2017-18

1. 12th pass and more people will get 1000 ₹ monthly allowance , handicapped unemployed people will get ₹1500 monthly. His government allotted ₹150 crore for it.
2. Subsidy on Anti-hen net increased from ₹5100 to ₹10,000.
3. Amount in 'Beti hai anmol' yojna increased from ₹5100 to ₹10,000.
4. Amount in 'CM kanyadan yojna' increased from ₹25,000 to ₹40,000.

Announcements for farmers in H.P budget 2017-18

1. For more production of kiwi in state , Virbhadra government started new plan named 'Mukhyamntri kiwi protsahan yojna' in which government alloted budget of around 1 crore rupees and announced subsidy of 50% for plants of kiwi.
2. Farmers will get 50% of subsidy for plastic crates , 2 crore rupees is alloted in budget for it.
3. For year 2017-18 around 424 crore rupees is announced for agriculture department.
4. In another important announcement under plan 'CM khet sanrakshan ' yojna for solar fencing subsidy increased from 60% to 80%. Budget of ₹30 crore is alloted for it.
5. To construct poly-house area increased from 2000 square meters to 4000 square meters.

Announcement for progress in organic farming, milk production etc.

- Virbhadra Singh said in his budget that in year 2017-18 steps will be taken to increase organic farming in state. He said under organic farming 2000 hectares area will be covered. 2,000 bio villages and 20,000 vermi-compose units will b constructed.
- To setup poltry unit government will give 60% of subsidy to 100 units.
- Government will issue health card to farmers this year.
- 'Panchayat pashudhan yojna' will be started as 7.80 crore rupees allotted for that.
- For setup of milk processing unit, subsidy increased from 60% to 75%.

Some more important announcements of Budget

1. Budget for Animal Husbandry Department in year 2017-18 is 374 crore rupees.
- For production of off-season vegetables budget of 50 crore rupees allotted.
- Rupees 10 crore for construction of market yard
- Free bus service for patients.
- Himachal Pradesh environment leadership award will be started and under this first prize of rupees 1 lakh, 50 thousand and 25000 rupees as 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be given respectively.
- Budget of rupees 42 crore for zila Parishad and Panchayat smiti in 2017-18.
- Announcement of new CM rural livelihoods scheme with budget of rupees 10 crore.
- 4 Lac soil cards will be issued for farmers and he also said Hamirpur was number in this. He said soil health lab is important.
- Pollution control board shimla will open a local workshop which will help in control of water pollution.
- Milk-seller who sell milk in milk-fed will get 1 rupee per litre extra from next budget year.
      Budget of chief minister Virbhadra singh is historical in many means as he had focussed almost every aspects of life. His budget was good for Unemployed, farmers , new business-persons. Government showed focus about environment, patients etc.
People like this final budget of Virbhadra government or not this will be seen in future when government will face election in 2017.
Elections in state is on the doors and every party and leaders are trying to get more and more support, this time a good news came for PTA, PAT, SMC teachers and outsource​ workers of Himachal Pradesh when Chief minister of H.P Virbhadra Singh said that services of teachers and outsource workers will be regularised.

There will be justice will these workers : CM

Chief minister Virbhadra Singh said while reply of a question in state legislative assembly that under court law and rules some steps or decision will be taken to stop injustice with these teachers and workers. Virbhadra Singh said exploitation of these teachers and workers will not be allowed who are working from a long time. He also added that some steps will be definitely taken to stop this exploitation.

Steps will be taken to regularise all workers : Virbhadra Singh

Chief minister said in assembly, teachers and workers will not be deprived from their rights. He said workers joined job in whatever session will be regularised under rules.
Virbhadra Singh said during reply to a question, if there is lack of roaster while recruitment, that will be filled with backlog.
He also added about outsource workers that for policy of workers wait for upcoming budget. Everything going to come out and if anything is wrong court is there to correct it.

Sources needed for unemployment allowances : CM

Unemployment allowances is a major issue on which government of Himachal Pradesh as well as opposition are always face to face and this time chief minister Virbhadra Singh cleared this issue and said Congress party have completed almost 99% of promises they made, he said about unemployment allowances that to allow it government need to look its sources and options.

Dharmshala as second capital will not withdrawn

Virbhadra Singh said that if sources will not available how can he allow unemployment allowances. Decision of Dharamshala as second capital will not be withdrawn as this is demand of people and opposition have problem with that as they know government won on this issue.
   On opening of new SDM offices, schools , colleges and hospitals , he said if opposition have problem with that , tell me in written I will close that.

43000 recruitments and still more to come: Virbhadra Singh

Virbhadra Singh said his government have recruited around 43,000 people by different means, and development of departments at big level and so some more recruitments going to come. He said Himachal service commission and State public service commission have some limitations so before October all recruitments in schools will be completed.
Suresh Bhardwaj and Ravindra Ravi said CM's reply as incomplete and said chief minister is trying to avoid Questions. Suresh Bhardwaj asked CM to clear if he'll give capital allowances after notification of Dharmshala as second capital to all workers.
      Whole story is politics will keep going but if decision of regularisation of teachers and workers will be taken it will be a good decision for them as well as congress party in upcoming elections.
Republican party leader and person with no experience of politics ,Donald Trump is finally taking oath of 45th president of The America today. It's rarely seen someone taking oath of President of superpower nation United states and facing protest against president. Anti trump leader, personalities and people are protesting in front of Trump Tower. But after all protest and controversies Mr. President Donald Trump will become 45th president of The united states. India will be keen to see how trump will work with India and his views and strategies against Pakistan and China. 

Leaders in Oath ceremony of Trump

- Navtez Sarna - India.
Former president of America
- Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
- George Bush
- Bill Clinton etc.
There will be several representatives of Different countries and personalise from all over the world.

Indians performance in Trump oath ceremony

There will be two or three performances of Indian Bollywood stars and this is first time in history that any Indian will perform in Oath ceremony of United states president. There will be 7 minutes programme of Indian stars and 5 Bollywood songs will be performed during ceremony. These songs are Jumme ki raat , Kala chashma , Malhari, Jai ho and tamil song Top Lesi Podi.
Bollywood star Mika singh and former miss India Manasvi Mamgai will perform in ceremony. Mika singh thanked Mr. President and remember Manasvi was also present in 'Thank You Rally's of Donald Trump after he was elected as president of The united states.

Programme of Donald trump before Oath

Before Oath ceremony of new president of America Donald trump will go to Church near Washington Capitol and than he will go to meet Obama and Michelle Obama. He will have coffee with Barack Obama.Than on the capitol stairs Trump will oath as 45th president The united states by chief justice of United states.
Around 20-30000 army man are around oath ceremony stage and Trump will oath with two Bible in which one is with which Abraham Lincoln took his oath.

Donald Trump Good or Bad for India ?

Mr. President Donald trump and his views on different issues are unknown as he is Owner of a real estate company. His relation with India will be seen later but from his election speeches some points are clear that he likes Leadership of Narendra Modi and it can be understand from the moment when he said 'Abki Baar Trump Sarkaar' during election campaign.
Trump will be good or bad for India , this will be seen in future but some points are given below.

  • How Trump can benefit India?

* H1 - B Visa : Trump had said earlier in his campaign that he will strict rules of H1- B Visa but for India he said he want Indian businessman , worker and students in America. So in case of H1-B visa trump can benefit India.
* Trade and Tourism : As many times Donald had praised leadership of Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi , So trump can help India in 'Make in India' of Narendra Modi.
* Terrorism : Against terrorism Donald Trump showed serious anger and strict views. He said during his election campaign that he want to destroy Islamic terrorism. India is continuously talking on terrorism on different forums , so India will keen to know how trump react on terrorism .
* Relations : Trump can be a key man in relation with India as he have criticises  Pakistan for terrorism and called China as currency manipulator. He have criticised China and Pakistan throughout his campaign.

  • India stands to loose ?

- With good relation with Russia , trump can make his good relation with China. That can harm India as China is continuously working against India.
- If he strict rules H1-B visa as  he said in his election campaign and if he don't benefit India than Indians may loose jobs and business in America.
- He promises to reduce corporate taxes from 35% to 15% , if that happens many US Companies will shift from India to United states.
- Trump believes that world is robbing Jobs of United states, and want to close this trade if he implement his rules it can impact India.
Time will tell , trump will affect or effect India but now Mr.President Donald Trump will be 45th president of The united states. According to United states on 11:30 am Donald trump will take oath as president of United states.
Election commission's decision on symbol and party Akhilesh yadav led Samajwadi party has decided to make 'Mahagathbandhan' against Bhartiya Janta Party and Bahujan Samajwadi party. Samajwadi party is ready to alliance with Congress party and Rashtriya Lok Dal. Akhilesh yadav is ready to leave around 89-90 seats for Indian national congress(INC) and around 20 seats for Rashtriya Lok Dal(RLD). According to sources RLD is not ready to alliance with 20 seats , they want more seats to make alliance in Uttar-Pradesh. 
Who will be CM of UP-2017?
Some more things about alliance of Congress, RLD and Samajwadi party is given below.
- ND tiwari and his son Rohit Shekhar joined Bhartiya Janta Party.
- Swami Prasad Maurya in touch with SP leader.
- RLD leader and 8 congress leaders joined Bhartiya Janta Party.

'Mahagathbandhan' eye on 35% of votes

There is a great strategy behind 'Mahagathbandhan' in Uttar-Pradesh just as RJD and JDU did in Bihar against Bhartiya Janta Party.
In previous elections vote percent of Samajwadi party was 25% , congress party 10% and in West Uttar-Pradesh vote percent of RLD in previous elections was around 10%. Around 30% votes carrying party or alliance makes government in state so this alliance is aiming to get around 30-35 % of votes.

Vote bank of different Parties in Uttar-Pradesh

Votes and government in Uttar-Pradesh depends a lot on religion, community and region. This was biggest reason that every party in state eye on their own vote bank and community.
  • BSP : Bahujan Samajwadi party and supremo mayawati and her politics depends totally on minority votes and Muslim votes.
  • SP: Samajwadi party and Akhilesh yadav will be focussed on Yadav votes and Muslim votes. But in there family drama some vote bank will be definitely shifted to other parties.
  • Congress : Indian national congress and Rahul Gandhi are trying to make their appearance in government so they are ready to compromise in state. Congress Party is ready to withdraw their cm candidate for their appearance in UP. They will be looking to capture more and more minority , Muslims and general votes.
  • BJP: Bhartiya Janta Party is ready to fight against congress , RLD and Samajwadi party alliance as BJP is eyeing on Hindu golden votes, minority votes and other backward classes votes as in first list of BJP there is no Muslim candidate, which shows that BJP is ready to fight against Muslim votes.

Dimple and Priyanka star campaigner in UP

According to sources Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Dimple yadav will be star campaigner for 'Mahagathbandhan' in Uttar-Pradesh. In state many posters related Priyanka and Dimple yadav can be seen. Priyanka and Dimple yadav will try to capture more and more ladies votes in state.

Election news and updates of Uttar-Pradesh election-2017

- Mulayam ready to fight upcoming elections under leadership of Akhilesh yadav now.
- Sheila Dikshit CM Candidate of Congress party in UP ready to withdraw her post for 'Mahagathbandhan'.
- Congress is asking more than 10 seats where SP had won in previous election so SP candidates can fight on sign of Congress party.
- Mukhtar ansari and his party can be out of Samajwadi party soon.
- Amar singh is out of party and powers of Shivpal yadav are limited now.
- Mamta Benergee, Arvind kejriwal and Nitish kumar can rally for Akhilesh yadav in Uttar-Pradesh.
There are some days left for election in Uttar-Pradesh but every party is doing each and everything to get more and more votes to make their government in state , afterall way to Delhi(central government) goes though Lucknow.