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Shanta kumar, former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, former parliamentarian  and cabinet minister in central government is one of the oldest leader of Bhartiya janta party. Shanta kumar born on 12 September 1934 in Garhjamula of kangra district which was earlier part of Punjab.
He became chief minister of Himachal Pradesh for two times and also worked as a central cabinet minister under Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. Shanta kumar is considered as one of the strong and oldest leader of Bjp, and is part of so called 'Margdarshan Mandal' of Bhartiya Janta Party.
During time of emergency he was jailed in Nahan jail. Shanta Kumar is known for his fearless thinking, strong decisions and hard work. His work as a union minister is always considered as best as a politician. Shanta kumar contributed significantly in field of common food distribution department.
Bjp leader- Shanta Kumar
Source: Himstates

Profile of Shanta Kumar

Name : Shanta kumar
Father's Name : Jagannath Sharma
Born on : 12 September 1934
Political Party : Bhartiya Janta Party
Residence : Yamini Parisar, Tehsil Palampur District Kangra Himachal Pradesh.
Current status : Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)

Biography of Shanta Kumar | Bjp leader

Shanta kumar, leader of Bhartiya Janta Party born on 12 September 1934 in Garhjamula of kangra district. His father Jagannath sharma died when he was very young. But with the help of his mother love and determination , Shanta kumar continued his study. He joined Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangathan when he was 17 years old. Than he started teaching job , but after 19 days he joined Shayama Prasad Mukherjee in ' Jammu-Kashmir Bachao' movement in 1953. In year 1964, he married to Amritsar born Santosh kumari Shailja. 
He was elected as Member of Legislative assembly in year 1972. In year 1989 he was elected as Member of parliament from Kangra seat. Shanta kumar was elected as Chief minister at the age of 43 in year 1977. He is not only good politician but a great writer.

Family of Shanta Kumar | Early Life

Shanta kumar born in a middle class family in Garhjamula in Kangra district.
Father's Name : Jagannath Sharma
Mother Name : Kaushalya Devi
Wife's Name : Santosh Kumari Shailja
Shanta kumar's father died when he was only of age 11. His father died , family had many financial problems. But his mother stood strongly and Shanta kumar completed his education and joined active politics.

Political life of Shanta kumar

Shanta kumar is a powerful Bjp leader,  most of Bjp leaders are inspired with Shayama Prasad Mukherjee. But Shanta kumar have joined Mukherjee's movement. Shanta kumar was started his political career from village to Chief Minister and Member of parliament. He was elected as Panchayat president of Garhjamula , Panchayat smiti of Bhawarna and than Zila Parishad of Kangra district from year 1965-70.
Shanta kumar was elected as Member of Legislative assembly in year 1972 and became chief minister of Himachal pradesh in year 1977. He was elected as chief minister again in year 1990-92, and leader of opposition in 1980-85.
Shanta kumar was elected as Member of parliament in year 1989, 1998,1999 and 2014
He was also elected for Upper house of parliament (Rajya Sabha) in year 2008 from Himachal Pradesh.

Education of Shanta Kumar

Shanta kumar completed his education in very difficult situation as his father died when he was only of 11 year. He is Bachelor in Arts and LLB. He was ownered with degree of M.phil. by Garhwal University.

Books written by Shanta Kumar

* Dharti Balidan ki - written in 1962
* Himalaya par Lal Chahta - written in 1964
* Vishwavijeta Vivekanand - written in 1968
* Kranti abhi adhoori hai - written in 1985
* Rajniti ki shatranj - written in 1997
* Tumhare pyar ke prati - written in 1999
* Vrinda - written in 2007

Interesting facts about Shanta Kumar Life

- Shanta kumar Joined RSS when he was 17 years old.
- Shanta kumar's father died when he was 11 years old. 
- Shanta Kumar became Panchayat president, Zila Parishad ,member of Panchayat smiti, vice-president and president of zila Parishad.
- He was elected as Member of Legislative assembly in 1972 and stayed till 1985.
- Shanta kumar was elected as MLA in 1990 and 1992.
- He became chief minister of Himachal Pradesh in year 1977 and 1990.
- Shanta Kumar worked as a Minister of consumer affairs, food and Public distribution and minister of Rural developmentin Vajpayee government.
- Shanta Kumar was jailed for 19 months while emergency and written a book 'kaidi' when he was in Nahan jail.
Prime minister Narendra Modi visited Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh first time after 2014 election.
Modi inaugurated three power projects in Himachal Pradesh. He also praised Indian army and said what Israel used to do in past , Indian army have done exactly that.
Modi in mandi himachal
PM Modi
addressing Parivartan rally in Mandi,HP

Government will question state government in 2017 election

PM Narendra Modi said in Parivartan rally that "Dhumal ji was asking that central government is giving so much money to state government Atleast central government should question state government" but now people of Himachal will question state government of Himachal Pradesh.
         Narendra Modi also said that earlier central government have given 21 crore rupees to Himachal government but after our government have given more than 72 crore rupees to state government.
        Modi ensured people of Himachal Pradesh that in coming 3 years poor families will get free gas connection.

PM Modi attacked Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh

Prime minister Narendra Modi said Himachal Pradesh people used to say former bjp CM as chief minister of water and Dhumal as chief minister of roads.
       Narendra Modi said there chief minister have invested their life in serving state but present CM Virbhadra Singh is serving himself.

35 year old projects have been started:PM Modi

Pm Modi said when he was campaigning for 2014 general election he was not aware that he have to open Department of Archaeology .
He was talking about pending projects from last 35 years.
- PM Modi said there was a project in 1981 , Nangalbandh talvada railway , which was in 1981 of around 34 crores and today due to criminal negligence this project is of 2100 crore rupees.
- If this project would have completed at that time , there would have not that much loss of money of people. But most of projects are limited to papers and foundation stone.
- PM Modi said Himachal have lot off scope in tourism , and whenever we have got chance to serve state we have served well.