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Prime minister Narendra Modi visited Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh first time after 2014 election.
Modi inaugurated three power projects in Himachal Pradesh. He also praised Indian army and said what Israel used to do in past , Indian army have done exactly that.
Modi in mandi himachal
PM Modi
addressing Parivartan rally in Mandi,HP

Government will question state government in 2017 election

PM Narendra Modi said in Parivartan rally that "Dhumal ji was asking that central government is giving so much money to state government Atleast central government should question state government" but now people of Himachal will question state government of Himachal Pradesh.
         Narendra Modi also said that earlier central government have given 21 crore rupees to Himachal government but after our government have given more than 72 crore rupees to state government.
        Modi ensured people of Himachal Pradesh that in coming 3 years poor families will get free gas connection.

PM Modi attacked Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh

Prime minister Narendra Modi said Himachal Pradesh people used to say former bjp CM as chief minister of water and Dhumal as chief minister of roads.
       Narendra Modi said there chief minister have invested their life in serving state but present CM Virbhadra Singh is serving himself.

35 year old projects have been started:PM Modi

Pm Modi said when he was campaigning for 2014 general election he was not aware that he have to open Department of Archaeology .
He was talking about pending projects from last 35 years.
- PM Modi said there was a project in 1981 , Nangalbandh talvada railway , which was in 1981 of around 34 crores and today due to criminal negligence this project is of 2100 crore rupees.
- If this project would have completed at that time , there would have not that much loss of money of people. But most of projects are limited to papers and foundation stone.
- PM Modi said Himachal have lot off scope in tourism , and whenever we have got chance to serve state we have served well.
PM Narendra Modi is going to visit Himachal Pradesh on 18th of October 2016. Narendra Modi will address rally's in in Himachal and will inaugurate some power projects in state.
Himachal cm Virbhadra Singh congratulated army and central government for surgical strike on Pakistan occupied Kashmir on terrorists.
Modi visit Himachal on 18th

Two rallies and some inaugurations by PM modi in Himachal

PM Modi will address two rallies in Nahan (sirmaur district) and Mandi district. He will put base stone of IIM in Nahan and AIIMS in  Bilaspur district.
Narendra Modi will inaugurate  kol dam and rampur power projects.

Government and State Bjp preparing for  PM's tour

Government of Himachal Pradesh and State BJP is preparing for tour of PM Narendra Modi. In government  official program , it is expected CM, some ministers of state , former Cm Prem Kumar Dhumal , JP Nadda ,member of parliament will join program.

412 MW and 800 MW projects will be inaugurated

PM Modi will inaugurate AIIMS in bilaspur and IIM in Nahan. 600 crore rupees will be spend on AIIMS and it will be full of 900 beds and super speciality facility.
Accumulated plan of AIIMS is ready and work will start according to plan.
       After AIIMS, pressure on Tanda medical college and IGMC will decrease. Patients will not be referred to PGI Chandigarh.
PM Modi will inaugurate power 412 MW rampur power project and 800 MW kol dam project powered by SJVNL.

Government have lot of hopes with PM's visit

Government have lot of hope with PM's visit. They are expecting a lot from PM to complete incomplete projects.

CM with central government on surgical strike issue

Cm Virbhadra Singh said there should be no politics on surgical strike issue. He also said central government is a respectable and trustworthy institution so everybody should respect it.
Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh congratulated Indian army for surgical attack in Pak occupied Kashmir. Indian army did surgical strike attack against terrorists camps in Pakistan across LOC.
He praised this step of surgical strike and said terrorists cross border and attack Indian Army.
Virbhadra Singh chieft minister
In response of this terrorism this was right step by Indian army, Virbhadra Singh added that in this attack several terrorists had been killed and no casualty took place to citizens of Pakistan.
Allegations of backdoor entry jobs by opposition are baseless
Chief minister and congress star leader Virbhadra Singh denied allegations of Dhumal and opposition that jobs have been given from backdoor.
He asked Dhumal and opposition to tell even a single issue in which jobs had been given from backdoor.
Virbhadra singh attended dozens of rally's in Changar assembly constituency area Jaisinghpur.
Dhumal have habit of lie : Virbhadra Singh
Virbhadra Singh attacked former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal that he had habit of lie. How can be there backdoor entry in jobs, when these all jobs are under observation of public service commision and HPPSC Hamirpur.
He said Dhumal keeps lie without thinking about God.
He said tickets to candidates are given by mutual efforts of central leadership and State leadership.
I am still young and no intention of retirement
Virbhadra Singh wants to lead party in coming state election in 2017 . When he was asked about state CM candidate of congress party he said he is still young and there is no intention to retire from politics.
So it's clear Virbhadra wants one more chance and want to lead party in coming Himachal Pradesh election in 2017.
After lots of problems within party , with GS Bali and congress party state president sukhvinder Singh sukhu , it will interesting to watch how Virbhadra manages his leadership in coming elections.
Central health minister JP Nadda's statement on himachal cm candidate race , talks have been started that who will be bjp cm candidate in Himachal ? Till now Prem Kumar Dhumal was only candidate for cm in Himachal . But now race has started with nadda in race. 

Nadda in working committee meeting said if party will want I am ready to be cm candidate. 

High command will take final decision: satpal satti

After nadda's statement on cm candidate issue, heating has been started inside state party.
This is big question for state bjp and central BJP. It's getting difficult for party leaders to answer this question.
When satpal satti state BJP president who is called close to dhumal was asked about cm candidate in Himachal. Satpal satti smartly answered this question and said high command will take final decision on this issue. This is out of his area. 

Next cm will be of bjp: Prem Kumar dhumal

One side as a leader of opposition Dhumal was top contender for cm candidate but now nadda is in race also. When Dhumal was asked about cm candidate , he said next CM will be of bhartiya janta party.
He was quite on JP nadda as BJP cm candidate.
Dhumal said this time we will have cm.
As elections are coming closer , Himachal BJP has started making strategies. In this segment state BJP working committee meeting has been started in Manali. In this meeting workers will be motivated for 2017 election in state.
Hp Cm candidate for 2017

Meeting will continue for next three days 
Bjp working committee meeting will continue for next three days. Himachal BJP will try to focus on strategies for election 2017. They will tell there workers to show failure of ruling congress government 
National bjp secretary shrikant sharma will be present in meeting
Himachal pradesh prabhari and bjp national secretary shrikant sharma will be present in this meeting. On the last day of meeting central health minister JP nadda will address BJP workers and will try to motivate them for coming elections.
In working committee meeting Prem Kumar Dhumal , satpal satti will also be present.
After meeting cm candidate race will start

With this meeting race for cm candidate will also begin. There was only Dhumal for cm candidate as he is leader of opposition , but with time health minister nadda had increased his status quickly and he belongs to RSS and close to Modi and shah. It is expected that he can be cm candidate this time because central BJP is angry with fight of Dhumal and Virbhadra Singh. They want a face with clean image.
So what will happen in coming days it's interesting to see but one thing is sure BJP has started there plans and strategies for Himachal elections 2017.