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PM Narendra Modi gave a historical decision on 8th November 2016, in which Rs 500 and 1000 notes were denominated. Some political parties of opposition and NDA, Bollywood actors and directors have supported this decision of denomination of Narendra Modi government. But some politicians and political parties are totally against decision of 500 and 1000 Rs denomination.
Rahul Gandhi and Arvind kejriwal is not leaving even a single chance to capture votes. Sometimes a good decision is taken to a very low level by such kind of politicians. People are ready to accept situation but they want to raise every issue in which they get benefitted.
Political parties on denomination of notes

Political parties in support of Denomination decision

  • Bjp(Bhartiya Janta Party)
Ruling party Bhartiya janta party have supported there government for denomination of 500 and 1000 Rs notes. Party chief Amit shah called it a historical decision and said this will end black money.
  • JDU (Janta Dal United )
Janta dal united chief and Chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar supported central government's decision and said any decision against black money and corruption, janta dal united will support him.
Remember JDU is only party who have supported decision of Modi government.
  • SAD, LJP and NCP
NDA leaders and parties like Shiromani Anjali Dal and Lok janshakti party have supported Modi government's decision and said NDA wil support every decision of Modi government against corruption in Nation.
NCP chief Sharad pawar also called this decision as historical and said this decision will help India and strength economy of India.
  • Indians behind modi
Most important is every citizen of India who is honest ans want good future of nation is behind PM Narendra Modi and central government. They are standing in line but saying we are with PM Modi.

Parties against decision of Denomination of 500 and 1000

Some Political parties can't accept decision against corruption ever and this time also they haven't  accepted and supported historical decision against corruption and black money.
Some political parties and leader like congress and Aam aadmi party is not leaving any chances to capture votes.
Parties who are against Modi government's decision are
  • Congress Party
Congress party is trying to capture votes by talking about problems of common people. Rahul Gandhi stood in queue to withdraw Rs 4000.
He said Modi was smiling in Japan and crying in india.
  • Aam aadmi party
Aam aadmi party did not miss any chance to indulge in national politics. He never say anything on issue of Pakistan but didn't miss to capture votes this times . He said PM Modi should take his decision back. He said common people is getting problem and PM have declared economical emergency with his decision.
  • Shivsena
Shivsena said by there official magazine 'saamna' that with Modi government's decision of denomination of notes , 125 crore people are on roads today.
Shivsena asked central government to give some more time to use old 500 and 1000 rupee notes.
  • TMC, SP and other opposition parties
Trinmool congress is so angry with this decision that they are ready to take support of there biggest rivals communist party of India. Samajwadi leaders have also asked Modi government to take this decision back for some time.

Bollywood in support of decision of denomination

Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar, Anupam kher , Aamir khan, Ajay Devgan, around rampal and directors and producers like rajkumar hirani called this a wise decision, and said there will be some problem for some days but it going to benefit for long time.

Decision will not be taken back now : Modi

Modi government said to all political parties who are trying to take advantage and want to capture votes that people are with central government's decision and decision will not be taken back.
He said common and honest people are sleeping after this decision and corrupt people and black money holders are looking for pills.
Himstates advise every individual in India ,please don't panic. Support central government and its decision. This is decision against corruption and black money, people in country no need to worry. Be honest and show your real money and save yourself and others from foolish rumours.
India and Pakistan tension on line of control(LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir is not new thing.
It's time to boycott all companies like 'lays, pepsi, lenovo, xiaomi, zte, huewai, ' etc which are either Pakistan sponsoring companies or Chinese company.
India have tried to make good relations with neighbour countries , Pakistan ,china , Bhutan, Nepal , Bangladesh and all. But Pakistan have given terrorism and killed innocent people, and China have supported them always.
But this is time to give it back to China.
Say no to Pakistan and china #Notochina_andpakistan

What can government do against Pakistan?

Indian government have not taken even a strong step against Pakistan . Pakistan is killing innocent civilians everyday. Indian government should take some serious steps to put Pakistan on back foot. Some of steps against Pakistan that Indian Modi government can take are.
- cancellation of Most favoured Nation status
- Review of water treaty
- no sports , entertainment and no business with Pakistan.
            Most important thing that Modi government need to do is cancellation of status of 'most favoured nation' that had been given to Pakistan in which some special benefits are given to favoured nation.
Remember Pakistan haven't given status of 'most favoured nation to India.

What indians/people of India can do?

Indian people have boycott Chinese products in diwali ,which have effected Chinese business a lot. So this time is to boycott Chinese company products, and Pakistan sponsoring companies .
Chinese companies in India
Xiaomi etc
Pakistan sponsoring companies
Some companies which have a stromg business in India and they are giving sponsorship to Pakistani teams.
Pakistani cricket team have got sponsorship of Pepsi and lays as well as Chinese company Haier.
If India want to trouble Pakistan than it should be at every level. Pakistan sponsoring companies are
Lays etc.

Why China supporting Pakistan?

China is best partner nowadays of Pakistan ,reason behind is very simple. China is trying to get benefit of Pakistan land. China is working on a business corridor in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Baluchistan.
        War is never a solution and war against country who have lost in 1948, 1965,1971 and 1999. Pakistan can never understand ,so it's every indians duty to make them economically low.
Chinese business depends a lot on India.
So boycott of Chinese company can effect them, and there economy.