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Profile, Biography of JP nadda

Full name - Jagat Prakash Nadda
Birth - 2, December 1960
Political party - BJP
Father's Name- Narayan Lal Nadda
Mother's Name- Late Mrs Krishna Nadda
Member - Rajya Sabha (2012-18)
About Jp nadda

About jp nadda(Low profile leader)

Pride of himachal Jagat Prakash nadda (jp nadda) is general secretary of central ruling party BJP and also member of parliament. Some months ago he became health minister in place of Dr H
JP nadda is one of the top strategist in bhartiya janta party. He had worked as party election head in many states.
He was in race of BJP national president with amit shah. In recent some years he have become one of top leader of bhartiya janta party. Jp nadda is very calm and mature leader , he don't like controversies  that is why he is never in controversies with his statements.
In party his status can be measured with this, at serious issues party always consult with him.

Early life, Birth , Wife of of jp nadda

Jagat Prakash Nadda( JP nadda) was born in Patna ,Bihar. JP nadda joined politics at the time of JP movement. At the time of this movement he helped JP narayan against prime minister of that time Indira Gandhi.
After the movement he joined ABVP, youth wing of bhartiya janta party .He start participating in politics at the time when he was in Patna university. His father was vice chancellor in Patna University at that time.
In year 1977 he became secretary in Patna university on the ticket of ABVP. After that he was on many position of ABVP. Later he joined hiamchal university for LLB. Nadda was equally good in sports also. He represented Bihar in swimming.
He got married with Dr. Mallika Nadda , she was daughter of former loksabha member Jai shri benergee from Madhya Pradesh.
Mallika Nadda is history professor in Himachal University.
She was also member of ABVP, and national secretary from year 1988 to 1999.

Political career of jp nadda

In year 1987 he formed Rashtriya sangharsh morcha against ruling party congress. In 1989 he became election head of Youth wing of BJP. At that time he was only of age 29. Three years later he was elected as president of bhartiya janta yuva morcha.
He won three elections in Himachal legislative assembly and became three times minister in Himachal government.
His main achievement as a environment minister was police stations of forest and tree plantations, he was focused for greenery .

Foreign trips of JP nadda

J P Nadda has visited many countries like costa rica, Greece, Canada, turkey, etc where he represented India.
In year 2012 He was selected for Rajya Sabha and after that he got Helath Ministry in modi government.
He is ready to become chief minister candidate in Himachal election 2017. He is really pride of Himachal. Hope Himachal will keep getting his services.