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PM Narendra Modi gave a historical decision on 8th November 2016, in which Rs 500 and 1000 notes were denominated. Some political parties of opposition and NDA, Bollywood actors and directors have supported this decision of denomination of Narendra Modi government. But some politicians and political parties are totally against decision of 500 and 1000 Rs denomination.
Rahul Gandhi and Arvind kejriwal is not leaving even a single chance to capture votes. Sometimes a good decision is taken to a very low level by such kind of politicians. People are ready to accept situation but they want to raise every issue in which they get benefitted.
Political parties on denomination of notes

Political parties in support of Denomination decision

  • Bjp(Bhartiya Janta Party)
Ruling party Bhartiya janta party have supported there government for denomination of 500 and 1000 Rs notes. Party chief Amit shah called it a historical decision and said this will end black money.
  • JDU (Janta Dal United )
Janta dal united chief and Chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar supported central government's decision and said any decision against black money and corruption, janta dal united will support him.
Remember JDU is only party who have supported decision of Modi government.
  • SAD, LJP and NCP
NDA leaders and parties like Shiromani Anjali Dal and Lok janshakti party have supported Modi government's decision and said NDA wil support every decision of Modi government against corruption in Nation.
NCP chief Sharad pawar also called this decision as historical and said this decision will help India and strength economy of India.
  • Indians behind modi
Most important is every citizen of India who is honest ans want good future of nation is behind PM Narendra Modi and central government. They are standing in line but saying we are with PM Modi.

Parties against decision of Denomination of 500 and 1000

Some Political parties can't accept decision against corruption ever and this time also they haven't  accepted and supported historical decision against corruption and black money.
Some political parties and leader like congress and Aam aadmi party is not leaving any chances to capture votes.
Parties who are against Modi government's decision are
  • Congress Party
Congress party is trying to capture votes by talking about problems of common people. Rahul Gandhi stood in queue to withdraw Rs 4000.
He said Modi was smiling in Japan and crying in india.
  • Aam aadmi party
Aam aadmi party did not miss any chance to indulge in national politics. He never say anything on issue of Pakistan but didn't miss to capture votes this times . He said PM Modi should take his decision back. He said common people is getting problem and PM have declared economical emergency with his decision.
  • Shivsena
Shivsena said by there official magazine 'saamna' that with Modi government's decision of denomination of notes , 125 crore people are on roads today.
Shivsena asked central government to give some more time to use old 500 and 1000 rupee notes.
  • TMC, SP and other opposition parties
Trinmool congress is so angry with this decision that they are ready to take support of there biggest rivals communist party of India. Samajwadi leaders have also asked Modi government to take this decision back for some time.

Bollywood in support of decision of denomination

Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar, Anupam kher , Aamir khan, Ajay Devgan, around rampal and directors and producers like rajkumar hirani called this a wise decision, and said there will be some problem for some days but it going to benefit for long time.

Decision will not be taken back now : Modi

Modi government said to all political parties who are trying to take advantage and want to capture votes that people are with central government's decision and decision will not be taken back.
He said common and honest people are sleeping after this decision and corrupt people and black money holders are looking for pills.
Himstates advise every individual in India ,please don't panic. Support central government and its decision. This is decision against corruption and black money, people in country no need to worry. Be honest and show your real money and save yourself and others from foolish rumours.
Surgical strike on POK  was on 28th of September, but politics on surgical strike attack is still going. Yesterday Arvind kejriwal , Sanjay Nirupam , Gehlot , P. Chidambram gives heartbreaking statements. After these statements whole country is angry and anger of people is looking by there efforts and on social media websites.
    But now Aam Aadmi Party, congress took U-turn. 
Kejriwal favours pakistan

What did kejriwal said on surgical strike

Kejriwal questioned surgical strike by saying , Pakistan is doing false propaganda by taking international reports to POK and saying that no surgical strike took place.
       He asked PM Modi to clarify this false propaganda of Pakistan, and indirectly to release evidences.

Some Congress leaders statement on surgical strike

Some congress leaders like former CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot , Mumbai congress president Sanjay Nirupam , and former finance minister questioned surgical attack.

  •           Sanjay Nirupam said government should unveil evidences of surgical strike ,  he also said it looks fake issue and BJP is doing all this for political mileage.
  •          Ashok Gehlot former chief minister of Rajasthan also questioned surgical strike and should give evidence the way US released video while Osama bin Laden's operation, but who will tell him that US haven't released video till now.
  •        Former finance minister P.Chidambram also questioned surgical strike by Indian army.

U- turn by political parties

First U-turn was by congress party who said it was Sanjay Nirupam's individual thinking .Congress party is with government and they have full believe on DGMO's statement and Indian army.
After congress party so called B team of congress party Aam Aadmi Party took U-turn and today Deputy Chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said they do not want any evidences but central government should answer false propaganda of Pakistan.

How people reacted on statement of kejriwal and Sanjay Nirupam?

A man of ABVP threw ink on Arvind kejriwal and aam aadmi sena leader in Delhi threw shoe on Health minister of Delhi. Whereas in Mumbai BJP and shivsena protest against Mumbai congress president Sanjay Nirupam.
On 28th September midnight India attacked Pakistan by killing more than 50 terrorists were killed. India killed these terrorists by surgical strike by Indian army.
After this surgical strike attack all political parties come to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi and central government.
Some of opposition of central government who are always against Narendra Modi ,today praised and some of these are here
Tiranga image

  • Congress party

Bighest opposition party in India ,Congress party president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi praised Central government. Sonia Gandhi praised Central government and congratulated Indian army for successive surgical strike.
Whereas congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said this was the first good step by Narendra Modi from 2014. He also congratulated Central government and Indian army.

  • Aam Aadmi Party

Today Aam Aadmi Party chief and Delhi chief minister Arvind kejriwal released a video and said in video that surgical strike was a best decision by Indian prime minister and I salute Narendra Modi for it.
      He also added there may be lots of contradiction with prime minister and central government but on this serious issue of security and safety of country ,we are with PM Modi.
     Arvind kejriwal advised central
government to raise issue of false propaganda of Pakistan ,about denying of terrorism in there country at international level.

  • Janta Dal United

Ruling party of Bihar JDU also supported central government and president of JDU and chief minister of Bihar is biggest political enemy of Narendra Modi, but he said surgical strike was right decision and there can be no contradiction on national security issue.

  • Shivsena

Shivsena chief Uddhav Thakrey called Narendra Modi after surgical strike and congratulated him and Indian army.
Shivsena spokesperson Manisha said these surgical strike should not be stopped till Pakistan understand reality and stop terrorism
So after a long all parties comes in support of central government and its good to have all parties together on this issue of national security and safety.

Difference in Pakistan and indian politics

Difference in Indian politics and Pakistan politics is quite simple Indian political parties stop all politics on issue of national security issue whereas Pakistan's second number party Tehrik -e-insaf party chief Imran khan attacked his prime minister after surgical strike and his eyes are on Pakistan politics and trying to gain his points in eyes of Pakistani people.
In India new debate has been started that is it right to ban Pakistani artists in Bollywood.
This all happened after salman khan's statement on Pakistani artists. After his statement Bollywood has been divided in two ways ,one in support of Pakistani actors and other in against.
After 'Uri attack' MNS and shivsena were strictly against Pakistani artists. MNS give ultimatum of 48 hours to Pakistani artists, to go back to Pakistan.
Salman in favour of Pakistani

Terrorists and Artists are not same: Salman khan

Dabang khan of Bollywood Salman khan said on a function of being human foundation said that Pakistani artists are not terrorists. They take work permit from government and government pass it. They spread peace ,love and they are not terrorists.
Salman khan was attacking political parties who want to send Pakistani artists.
Remember most of Bollywood is in support of Pakistani artists like Saif Ali khan , karan Johar etc.

Salman should go Pakistan : shivsena

Shivsena leader attacked Salman khan on his statement and said if salman khas hae that much sympathy with Pakistani artists than he should join Pakistani artists in Pakistan. He should leave India soon.

Only terrorists comes from Pakistan :MNS chief

Salman Khan is close to MNS chief Raj Thakrey, but after Salman's statement Raj Thakrey attacked Salman khan. Don't he think about Indian soldiers , who will save India on borders , Salman khan.
MNS chief Raj Thakrey said only terrorists comes from Pakistan, artists from Pakistan are detective and supporters of artists and terrorists are more culprits.

Bollywood against Pakistani artists

Some of bollywood artists are against Pakistani artists. Some of them are
Abhijeet bhattacharya is always against Pakistani artists, he said all artists are same ,they earn love ,money in India and all are against peace.
He was attacking Salman khan with his statement.
Whereas Anupam kher and film critic Ashok Pandit did not said to ban Pakistani artists, but said Pakistani artists should have condemn URI attack.

Let people decide what they want : Salim khan

Salim khan father of Salman khan who always comes in controversy of Salman khan , said let people decide what they want. He said let people decide they want Pakistani artists or not.

It's clear now this discussion will not stop here, Salman have to pay for it. Because people of India are in real anger after Pathankot and URI attack. It will not be strange if people take this as people were against Amir Khan ,a year back.
Now people have to decide they agree with Salman khan or not, but Pakistani artists should condemn attack by Pakistan.
India is full of talent so why India will need Pakistani artists. They should banned and work permit should cancel.